It's not funny to be ignored.

Full Credits

"The Caller" - Myss Moxie
Created/Written By - Peppur Chambers
Directed/Written By - Morenike Efuntade Evans
Edited By - Marc Gordon
Music by - Emmi Debeau
Produced By - P. Chambers, M. Evans, Yasmine Richard, Yemi Adegbonmire for BGRLA Productions


Tip #3 : Call Him. A Lot.
Speed dial isn't speedy enough! Keep calling. You know and he knows that he’s totally thinking of you, he’s just too busy to call you. When he doesn’t call you back, be sure to call him at least twenty times a day. When he does finally answer (they always do, especially if you have annoyed them enough), make sure you are really, really mad.
Featuring MyssMoxie