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Published January 01, 2010 100 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Created by Brad Hodges with the xtranormal animation system.
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Published January 01, 2010
The world certainly has changed since the beginning of the zombie onslaught.

For example, People used to bury the dead.  Now, we eat them.  We don’t do it to survive. Instead, we eat them because you can’t be sure a corpse is really dead till you’ve cooked, digested, and shat it out.

Also, now that the hideous walking dead are among us, citizens will accidentally murder people who sort of look like they could be zombies.  Like the elderly, or the very ugly.  As I myself am incredibly ugly, I now find dating to be twice as difficult.

Other changes include a complete loss of personal and political freedoms,, an economic downturn in the funeral business sector, and a slight change of attitude when it comes to that sweetest sexual taboo...Necrophilia.

And now, you’ll have to excuse me.  I had to shoot my own mother in the head earlier today.  Then I had to cook and eat her.  I’m just a little emotional about it.  Also, I think mom’s about to give me diarrhea. 
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