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April 30, 2013


teacher's speed song :
hey antonikid. from learning song to the.
at the my new home. please this text is
from singing to speed songs. check this.

teacher's speed song :
this is was that where you antonikid reading
or listen. you this for at the papers was to a
speaking indonesia or malaysia?. in language.

antonikid kanye :

conclusion -

antonikid lyrics song :
hey antonikid. this was speeding song. how are
you today. antonikid and something was speeding
up of the home antonigames. that this foot speed
and hands speed. antonikid kanye. and some to a
that mom and dad at the home. daddy and mommy
and parianto antonigames said. do you not that this
ha ha ha ha. you this question ha. h. house. a. antoni
kid kanye. ha house antonikid kanye. do you speeding
song. that not speeding foots and hands. antonikid fo
use laptop and computer. has plays game warcraft III,
counter strike,dead island,bioshock intifine and simcity.
speeding song. don't there for antonikid kanye home.