Anne Has A Small Vagina.

Full Credits

Writer/Director - Sergio Cilli
Starring: David Harris, Allyn Rachel, Luka Jones, Andree Vermeulen
Director of Photography - Katherine Sheenan
Producer - Saba Zerehi & Anna Wenger
Editor - Jay Lorenz
1st AC - Travis Fowler
Grip - Shane Segreti
Sound - Paul Isakson

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May 25, 2012


[basketball game play-by-play]
David Harris: Go Lakers! Go time!
Andrée Vermeulen: Yeah Katie, it's so nice to have
another girl here to watch the game with.
Allyn Rachel: Aww.
Andrée Vermeulen: You know what?
Andrée Vermeulen: I just watch it for the guys.
-You do?
-Yeah. There's something about
-basketball players, right?
Luka Jones: Okay honey, that's enough.
Andrée Vermeulen: Oh babe, come on.
You have nothing to worry about.
Andrée Vermeulen: Will you pass the nuts?
-Oh my God. They're so massive, right?
Andrée Vermeulen: [sigh] They must
have huge penises.
-They must, right?
David Harris: Okay, that's enough honey.
Allyn Rachel: Oh babe, we're just being silly.
Allyn Rachel: Besides, I hate big dicks.
You know that.
Andrée Vermeulen: Oh my gosh. I love them
so huge, right babe?
Luka Jones: Come on babe.
Don't embarrass me.
Allyn Rachel: Really? I hate big dicks.
Allyn Rachel: Ouch. No thank you.
David Harris: I don't have a small penis.
Allyn Rachel: Oh babe, it's fine.
Allyn Rachel: When I think about it,
before I met Dan,
Allyn Rachel: sex for me was a painful experience.
David Harris: Okay we get it.
No one likes them too big.
Allyn Rachel: No, but it's even average
sized penises would hurt me.
Allyn Rachel: I have a really small vagina.
Andrée Vermeulen: Oh my God. I couldn't
feel anything before Rodney.
Allyn Rachel: That is so funny.
Allyn Rachel: That is so funny.
-Honey, are you hearing this--
-This conversation is stupid.
Luka Jones: Hey, take it easy bro.
Let the ladies chat.
David Harris: Yeah, you're fine with this,
because you're the guy with the
David Harris: big dick who can bang
all night, right? Am I right?
Allyn Rachel: Oh, don't even get me
started on endurance.
Allyn Rachel: I hate having sex for
longer than two minutes.
Andrée Vermeulen: Shut up.
Andrée Vermeulen: Rodney just goes all
night long. It's crazy.
Luka Jones: Oh come on. I don't
take that long, do I babe?
Andrée Vermeulen: Babe, I love it.
Allyn Rachel: It is so good that
I'm a fan, and you're a--
David Harris: Okay, everyone just shut up!
Allyn Rachel: Hey, why are you being weird?
David Harris: Maybe because you just told the
room that you prefer a man with small dicks,
David Harris: and you come fast.
Allyn Rachel: I love the way you come.
He does the cutest thing when he comes.
Andrée Vermeulen: Oh my God, what does he do?
Andrée Vermeulen: Rodney look.
Andrée Vermeulen: Okay, he goes,
Andrée Vermeulen: "Eeee, eeee...
-sorry mommy."
-Shut up!
David Harris: Why are you telling them about this?
Allyn Rachel: Hey, I love you, and I don't
care that you have a small
Allyn Rachel: penis, and can't grow pubic hair.
David Harris: That's not true.
I can grow pubic hair.
David Harris: I have a fine penis...
Allyn Rachel: Oh, he's going to do it.
Oh this is going to be great.
-It's not small...
-Go get it babe.
David Harris: And I can grow hair on it.
Allyn Rachel: Ooh, find it. Find it.
David Harris: Hold on.
Allyn Rachel: The detective. Where is it?
-There we go. Alright.
-[gasps] There it is.
Allyn Rachel: Cute right?
Luka Jones: Why are your balls another dick?
[basketball game play-by-play]