Sin? Fornication? You seek these things? Meet the Mormons, Billy (Jarryd Meyer) and Mr. Rudolf (Sam Sero).

Full Credits

Directed by Sam Sero
Written by Jarryd Meyer and Sam Sero
David Mitchell as The Barfly
Talya Erdy as Attractive Girl
Samuel Paul as The Bartender
Caileig Scott as Girl On the Phone
The Mormons:
Jarryd Meyer as Billy
Sam Sero as Mr. Rudolf
Produced by Poopdog Entertainment
Cinematography by Michael Matney and Zach Voytas
Sound by Ben Roche and Samuel Paul
Edited by Jarryd Meyer, Sam Sero and Eric Wahlstrom
Location Provided by Locals Sports Bar
Special Thanks to Alec Schwimmer, Lenneal McKudo, Chris Voutsinas and Colin Oh