Donald Trump's temperament during the presidential debates against Hillary Clinton was understandable. After all, he is only a baby!

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October 22, 2016


Chris Wallace: I welcome you to the third and
final of the 2016 Presidential debates
Chris Wallace: between Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump.
Chris Wallace: Next segment is fitness to be
President of the United States.
Hillary Clinton: Every time Donald is pushed
on something which is obviously
Hillary Clinton: he immediately goes
to denying responsibility.
Hillary Clinton: He never apologizes or
says he's sorry for anything.
[ baby cooing ]
Hillary Clinton: Let me respond to that,
because that's horrifying.
[ baby is cooing ]
Chris Wallace: You have been warning at rallies
recently that this election is rigged
Chris Wallace: and that Hillary Clinton is in the
process of trying to steal it from you.
[ baby cries out ]
Hillary Clinton: When it comes to the wall
that Donald talks about building,
Hillary Clinton: he went to Mexico,
he had a meeting with
the Mexican President.
Hillary Clinton: Didn't even raise it.
He choked and then got
into a Twitter war
Hillary Clinton: because the Mexican President
said we're not paying for that wall.
Hillary Clinton: He is the first candidate ever
to run for President in the
last 40-plus years
Hillary Clinton: who has not released his tax returns,
so everything he says about charity
Hillary Clinton: or anything else,
we can't prove it.