Colossus came by the place the other night... He said he'd love to move in... Got a security deposit...

Full Credits

Wolvie- Jerry Miller
Roomie- Chris Griggs
Mugger- Matt Knight
Muggee- Katie Northlich
Music- Chris Griggs & Marshall York
Lyrics- Chris Griggs
Edited by Jamie Cummings
Directed and shot by Kevin Scott

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I was 12 when I first met this fellow.
He was manly, even dressed in yellow.
He liked to scowl and to drink,
To fight and not think,
And he became a hero of mine.
He hailed from Canada so far.
He could hurt you while smoking a cigar.
Bad guys would stare in awe
As he cut them with retractable claws.
I love you Wolverine.
I know you're not so mean.
I'll give your mask a rub
And call you my bub.
I love you Wolverine.
You don't have to kill for me.
I wish we could be bros.
I'd show you not everyone's a bootyhole.
He heals if he ever gets cut.
His lid is really messed up.
He's short with back hair.
Colossus throws him through the air
Flying free from his mutant pain.

And he really, really loves an angry rant,
And he really, really wants in Jean Grey's pants.
But Wolvie be careful what you do
'Cause Cyclops has his one eye on you.
Chorus repeat
Now Wolvie by the way,
Not that it matters these days,
But I think Hugh Jackman might be gay.
Hugh Jackman might be gay.
Be gay.
Be gay.