A sneak preview of Kevin Bacon's new prank/reality show!

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Starring Kevin Bacon. Written by Eric Appel. Directed by Jake Szymanski. Edited by Drew Antzis. Makeup and Hair by Shauna O'Toole.

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January 11, 2009


The video opens with a shot of Kevin Bacon standing on a street corner. It is shot in the visual style of the show Punk’d.

Kevin Bacon: Hey! It’s Kevin Bacon. I’m out on the street. I’m doing my
thing. People give me those looks and looking all silly and I’m
thinking these people need to be put in their place. They need to be

The image of Kevin Bacon’s face is freeze-framed and a smalle
duplicate image is shown of his face in the lower right hand corner.
The word BACON’D is superimposed over the larger image in an unpleasant
green color. A cartoon like image of a frying pan with bacon in it
slides into the freeze frame. The image cuts to a close up of Kevin

Kevin Bacon: Sorry.

The image cuts to a shot of the unpleasant green BACON’D and the image
of the frying pan with bacon in it slide into the screen again. The
image cuts back to Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon: It’s California. Warm, sunny day. I spot her. There she is: the target.

The shot cuts to a little girl sitting down and eating an ice cream
cone. An image of the outside of frying pan is superimposed over the
girl with crosshairs on her. Kevin bacon is seen approaching the girl.
In the upper right hand is a shot of Kevin Bacon narrating the sequence.

Kevin Bacon: Stealth. Stealth. Come in on the target.

Kevin Bacon is seen picking up speed as he approaches the little girl from behind.

Kevin Bacon: Is that ice cream in her hand? Oh. Yes. It. Is.

Kevin Bacon knocks the ice cream out of the little girl's hand. He jumps up and down and laughs at the girl.

Kevin Bacon (to the girl): You just got Bacon’d.

Kevin Bacon runs away from the little girl and gives the camera two
thumbs up. The shot cuts back to the little girl who addresses the

Little girl: Who was that?

The image cuts to the BACON’D and frying pan image. The image then cuts to Kevin bacon standing on a bridge over a small river.

Kevin Bacon: And speaking of wildlife, I see this old lady. She’s
feeding the ducks, right? She feeding them, just breaking off little
pieces of bread, just a little piece of bread.

Kevin Bacon approaches the old woman feeding the ducks.

Kevin Bacon (to the old woman): Oh, hi.

Old woman: Hi.

Kevin Bacon: You feeding the ducks?

Shot cuts back to Kevin Bacon by himself.

Kevin Bacon: Guess what? Ducks like a lot of bread.

Shot cuts back to Kevin Bacon on the bridge with the old woman. He
grabs the loaf of bread out of the old woman’s hands and throws it into
the water. He begins laughing and jumping.

Old woman: Hey!

The old woman takes off her hat and hits Kevin Bacon with it.

Kevin Bacon: Hey!

The image cuts to the BACON’D and frying pan image.

Kevin Bacon: Ok, here’s the setup. Dude’s reading a magazine on the beach.

Image shows a man sitting on the beach, reading a magazine.

Kevin Bacon: Beautiful day, minding his own business.

Kevin Bacon approaches the man on the beach and grabs the magazine. The
image is freeze-framed. The image is slid to the side to reveal Kevin
Bacon narrating again.

Kevin Bacon: So what am I gonna do? Am I gonna rip it up? Am I gonna bury it in the sand? No. No. No. No. No.

The image on the beach unfreezes and Kevin Bacon takes the magazine
down to the water. He dips the magazine in the water. He runs back up
to the man and returns the soaking wet magazine.

Kevin Bacon: You just got Bacon’d!

The man looks around in a confused way.

The image cuts to the BACON’D and frying pan image.

Kevin Bacon is seen on the street. A man talking on a cell phone approaches him.

Man on cell phone: Hey, are you Kevin Bacon?

Kevin Bacon: No.

Man on cell phone: Are you sure?

Kevin Bacon: No, I’m not.

Man on cell phone: Sorry.

The man on the cell phone walks away.

Kevin Bacon: He just got Bacon’d!

Kevin Bacon is walking down the street and knocks off a man’s ball cap.

Kevin Bacon: Oh, that’s one of the oldest Bacon’s in the book.

Kevin Bacon walks up to a man sitting on bench.

Kevin Bacon: Do you know what time it is? It’s Bacon O’clock.

Kevin Bacon is posing with a woman for a picture.

Kevin Bacon: Where are you from?

Picture woman: I’m from Toronto, Canada.

Kevin Bacon: Ok good, well let’s take a picture.

Kevin Bacon puts his hand over his face as the picture is being taken.

Kevin Bacon (voiceover): You just got Bacon’d.

The image cuts to the BACON’D and frying pan image.

Kevin bacon is back on the original street corner he started out on.

Kevin Bacon: All right. That’s it. That’s your ration for the day. I
think everybody in Venice Beach, California better check thei
cholesterol count because they just got Bacon’d!

The image cuts to the BACON’D and frying pan image.