What if your terrible day came with a soundtrack?

Full Credits

Directed by Wes Eisenhauer
Written by Brian Bieber
Composed by Corey Gerlach
Director of Photography
Joe Hubers
Narrator: Brian Bieber
The DJ: Corey Gerlach
The Doctor: Mike Hart IV
The Mechanic: Chad McKinney
Kelly: Brienne Maner
Bus driver: Donna
The Other Mechanic: Ted Heeren
True Thai Server: Becca Eisenhauer
True Thai Manager: Wes Eisenhauer
Bus Patrons:
Lucy Albers
Eric Blue
Mary Campbell
Deb Eisenhauer
Savannah Holloman
Kyle Jameson
Tim Krause
Dick Maner
Richie Stones
Terry Vandrovec
Mya Vandrovec
Sarah Werner
Restaurant Patrons:
Lucy Albers
Mary Bieber
Myron Bieber
Kat Burdine
Erika Iverson
Katrina Lehr-McKinney
Oliver Lehr-McKinney
David Mutschelknaus
Jane Mutschelknaus
Kiel Mutschelknaus
Isaac Show
Special Thanks:
Sioux Area Metro
Dr. Aaron Skonhovd
Westside Chiropractic
Jeff Eisenhauer
Bros Brasserie Americano