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March 28, 2013


antonikid kanye :
i'm a back. the lucid dream. i lovely you.
that my this dreaming lucid dream. that
the moon ever. that the moon ever. that.

antonikid kanye :
this is a story lucid dream ever. this is has see
the flying ship and the cow. this you're have a.
what the f@%#. you this has no more moon...

antonigirls :
no more times. the lucid dream.
the lucid dream. this is have a to.
sleeping at the world ever to could.
i love lucid dream. not where that.

rapper boy :
this is lucid dream that know to flying
super hitler goes to united states that
see at the megan fox's house that you
opened door jodl and to know anymore
that megan fox not seriously hitler.

dream man :
lucid. the. dream.