Santa and Bleebo try a new technique to raise money for the holidays.

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Starring Jessica Biel and David Koechner

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December 22, 2008


Jessica Biel: Merry Christmas!
David Koechner: Ho ho ho!
Jessica Biel: Happy holidays!
Jessica Biel: How'd we do, Santa?
David Koechner: Not too good, Bleebo.
Jessica Biel: Well gosh, Santa, it just seems that this Christmas people are too tight with their money.
David Koechner: It's true, Bleebo. People just aren't in a giving mood.
[Woman Laughing]
Man At ATM: Oh boy. Well, if we're gonna be going to that cocktail party tonight, right?
David Koechner: Hey, Bleebo, come here.
[Woman Laughing]
Jessica Biel: Okay!
[Man Chuckling]
Jessica Biel: Hi!
Man: Hey, it's a Christmas elf!
Jessica Biel: Shh! Come on!
Woman: I think she wants us to come over there.
David Koechner: Ho ho ho!
Man and Woman: Santa!
[Woman Screams]
[Music Playing]
[Glass Shatters]
[Music Playing]
David Koechner: Ho ho ho!
[Music Playing]