Children's musical act, Bikini Problem, discuss a few of the smells that they enjoy.

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Greg J Szydlowski, Bikini Problem, Larry-Tate Rohlson, Bradley Rohlson, Pretty Special Records

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April 28, 2010


I open the Freezer door wide, I shut my eyes

and breathe in the air.

There must be magic in there.
 It always takes somewhere,

where I know I can be what I want me to be.

And you may tell me to go take a hike.

but that is a smell that I like.

 I bought a new CD, it was special to me

it had my favorite song.

The song was three minutes long.
 Then I had an urge that was strong

to take out the book and the sniff that I took
 was long and absurd, I could not say a word
the book paper smelled so damn good.

They say that the sense of smell is well related to memory

and that is a claim that I wholeheartedly agree with.

Whenever I'm in an unfinished basement

reminds me of a time when I was young and I went

downstairs and found my daddy's nudey-mags

and that was the first time I ever did the duty and

everyday I'd slip away and exposé my pene


My lady-friend, she bought me a ring, it was a valuable thing
 I think they're calling it bling bling.

but what was more interesting, Sting
is what was under the ring.

the ring took a plunge as I fished for that sponge
then I shoved it up into my beak, I went weak.
It smelled so good I couldn't speak.

Then my lady got mad, I suppose I should add
that the ring cost her five-hundred clams
she could have spared us this grudge if she just bought the sponge
but now she made me feel like an ass
she packed up her bags and then hit the turnpike
all because of a smell that I like.