This Halloween ... Fear gets a little confusing.

Full Credits

A glam!smash Production
"The What?!"
Produced by Steven Rummer, Chris Ford, Austin Sanders, Ryan Chittaphong
Written by Austin Sanders & Chris Ford
Special Make-up & Creature Effects by Josh Hibbard
Production Manager: Steven Rummer
Assistant Production Manager: Lauren Richie
Script Supervisor: Evan Eley
Fight Choreography: Wyatt Kuether
Starring: Courtney Cowart, Ryan Chittaphong, Brian Morgan, Wyatt Kuether, Sarah Burns, John Swader, Megan Bowers, Austin Sanders with Michael Day as "Dr. Samuels"
Special Thanks to Mercy Animal Hospital
No animals were harmed in the making of this picture.
Original Score by Austin Sanders
Edited by Chris Ford
Directed by Chris Ford