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I'm Basil, the Republican candidate for governor. I'd like to recall all permits and registrations for guns. Everyone carry guns. If you kill someone though, you get murdered, you go to jail. And, uh, I'd like to put... plant grass or vegetation across the state or any vacant lot, and sell it for gas, so we can use it, use it for our expenses.

Also I wanna remove all gold fringed flags from the state, and fly the real flag with three stripes. I also want to stop traffic stops. Set it up like the Supreme Court ruled in Knowles versus Iowa - you can't find innocent car, you can't look. I want youse all to vote for Basil Marceaux. I want you to say a pledge of allegiance to a republicdom in the morning when you come out, and we all pray to God... and say Amen... and... everyone have a nice day. And I'll see y'all at the polls.

Thank you... Have a nice day.