Dirty Grandpa’s Robert De Niro and Zac Efron discuss their acting methods and techniques while preparing a sandwich.
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Additional Credits:
Staring - Zac Efron and Robert De Niro
Written by Allan McLeod
Directed by Leslye Headland
Director of Photography - Paul Rondeau
Camera Op - Brian Wengrofsky
1st Assistant Camera - Donavon De Cesare
Gaffer - Sean Li
Key Grip - Min Yip
Art Director - Kimberly Fischer
Art PA - Tara Gonzalez
Hair and Make Up Artist - Raquel Vivve
Sound Mixer - Kevin Kniowski
Production Assistants - Matt Scheffler & Charlie Alberto
Edited by Kareem Farooq
Produced by Sean Boyle & Christopher Werner
Special Thanks - Michael Simkin
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Published: January 19, 2016

Zac Efron: I'm here with my Dirty
Grandpa co-star
Zac Efron: Mr. Robert De Niro, and
he has offered to show me
Zac Efron: some acting advice.
Zac Efron: Take it away, Bob.
Robert De Niro: First, grab a couple of
slices of that whole
Robert De Niro: wheat bread there.
Zac Efron: Grab the bread?
Robert De Niro: Yes. I want you to think of
those two pieces of
Robert De Niro: bread as a scene, okay.
Robert De Niro: Now, what you bring to the
scene is your own flavor.
Robert De Niro: So put a little
mustard on--
Zac Efron: So you actually want me
to make this sandwich?
Robert De Niro: You're going to make
your sandwich.
Zac Efron: Okay.
Robert De Niro: No. Not that. Used the
spicier mustard.
Robert De Niro: That's much better.
Zac Efron: I get it. The more
flavors in the mustard,
Zac Efron: the more complex
the character is.
Zac Efron: Yeah-yeah.
Zac Efron: There's more grit in
this one too.
Robert De Niro: That's right. Very
perceptive of you.
Zac Efron: Yes.
Robert De Niro: Those little kernels,
or whatever the
Robert De Niro: fuck they are
really good.
Zac Efron: Yeah.
Robert De Niro: I mean, they add something
to your performance.
Robert De Niro: And on the other side
is your cool side.
Robert De Niro: So you throw a little mayo
on there. Not to much.
Zac Efron: So other side has to have
mayonnaise to balance it out.
Robert De Niro: The other ying, part
of the yang, or
Robert De Niro: whatever you want
to call it.
Robert De Niro: Yeah, that's it.
That's good acting.
Zac Efron: Yeah, I feel that.
Robert De Niro: Okay.
Robert De Niro: Now we get to the meat of
the scene if you will.
Zac Efron: Yeah.
Robert De Niro: So what do we have over here?
You've got the turkey.
Robert De Niro: That's good.
Zac Efron: I've got bologna.
Robert De Niro: I don't like bologna.
Zac Efron: This isn't a sandwich that
should be eaten.
Zac Efron: This is just for acting,
so we can use bologna if
Zac Efron: we want. Right?
Robert De Niro: Take the fucking turkey,
and put it on the fucking
Robert De Niro: slab of whole wheat bread.
Zac Efron: Okay.
Robert De Niro: Put two pieces.
Zac Efron: Two pieces.
Robert De Niro: You don't want to put
too much. It's like a
Robert De Niro: saying Judi Dench
once told me:
Robert De Niro: Don't put too much turkey
on the sandwich.
Zac Efron: Wow. That's like genius.
Robert De Niro: Now, lets just say that
it's a comedy piece.
Robert De Niro: A little cheese is okay.
Zac Efron: Okay.
Robert De Niro: Brando taught me that.
Zac Efron: Are you kidding me?
Robert De Niro: I'm not kidding you.
Zac Efron: Brando ate cheese?
Robert De Niro: He ate cheese.
Zac Efron: I'm just making sure.
This is still a
Zac Efron: teaching exercise,
Robert De Niro: This is still a teaching
session. It's called
Robert De Niro: Following Direction.
Zac Efron: Okay.
Robert De Niro: Your fellow actors
are tomatoes.
Robert De Niro: You got to cut
them up.
Robert De Niro: They're your
Robert De Niro: You cannot allow
your fellow actor to
Robert De Niro: overshadow your flavor.
Right Zac?
Zac Efron: Right.
Robert De Niro: Slice'em up like a
goddamn tomato.
Zac Efron: Slicing.
Robert De Niro: That's it.
Robert De Niro: So you got the roasted
peppers right?
Zac Efron: As a sandwich
Robert De Niro: Yes, as a
sandwich topping.
Zac Efron: I mean, that's
just gross.
Robert De Niro: Never judge a character
you play Zac.
Robert De Niro: Always be truthful to
the character.
Zac Efron: Never judge your
character. Duh!
Robert De Niro: Put the halves together,
and now you have your scene.
Robert De Niro: But just make sure you cut
the crust on all 4 sides.
Zac Efron: Is that because he was
in Iraq, and he still
Zac Efron: has that fire inside of
him. He still going,
Zac Efron: "Ma-ma. Ma-ma."
Zac Efron: But he has no idea that
he's actually Latin.
Robert De Niro: I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.
Robert De Niro: Just cut the crust.
Zac Efron: Just cut the crust?
Robert De Niro: Now lets try
your acting.
Zac Efron: Here you go.
Robert De Niro: Thank you.
Robert De Niro: Wow.
Robert De Niro: This is even better than
what Ben Stiller made for
Robert De Niro: me in Meet the Parents.
Zac Efron: Are you being
serious right now?
Robert De Niro: I'm dead serious.
Zac Efron: Oh my God. That means so much
to me. You have no idea--
Robert De Niro: You know what? I think
you're ready to go to
Robert De Niro: the next level.
Robert De Niro: I'd like you to go
get my dry cleaning.
Zac Efron: Done! On it!
Zac Efron: Do you have the tags?
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