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Full Credits

Director- Jon Mackey
Writer- Amina Munir
Producer- Libby de Leon
1st AD - Ross Buran
Coordinator- Glenn Fellman
Editor- Kevin Mead
DP- Carissa Dorson
1st AC -Chris Oeurn
2nd AC- Michelle Kwong
Key Grip- Zane Evans
Gaffer- Sean McDaniel
Swing- Sam Cohen-Wade
Production Designer- Heather Droulliard
Art Assistant- Justine Smith
HMU- Jen Osbourne
Sound- Mike Robertson
PA- Jessica Dancer
Micole- Keke Palmer
JoJo- JoJo
Jeff- Anthony Gioe
Josh- Kale Hills
Zinc- Justin Blake
Brenton K- Nick Mandernach
Brenton F- Brendan Scannell
Bachelor- Max Lasser, Wes Humphrey, Edgar Castillo, Luis Castillo
Graphics- Darryl Sharp
VFX- Kegan Swyer, Marty Cramer


Male Narrator: Coming up on this season
of The Millennial Bachelorette.
We follow one woman's journey to find
her one true non-exclusive soulmate.
♪ [Music] ♪
Keke Palmer: KeKe: I'm really confident that
the guy who I will eventually
Keke Palmer: go grab drinks with once work
stuff clears up is in here,
Keke Palmer: probably.
Keke Palmer: Look, my parents are coming
in next week, and
Keke Palmer: none of ya'll are really my type,
but we will make it work.
Keke Palmer: #WeWillSee
Anthony Gioe: #WeWillSee
Keke Palmer: Where are the black guys?
Male Narrator: Our 10 Twitter
Verified web-lebrities
vie for the attention of Micole,
a woman who under normal
circumstances would never
talk to them, and the
competition is stiff.
I'm sorry, who is that guy?
Keke Palmer: Oh, that's Zinc, my best
plutonic friend from college.
Male Narrator: Not only that,
but tensions fly high.
Anthony Gioe: I've been an Apple Genius for 4 years,
and I can tell you this right now,
Anthony Gioe: [...], unplug the router.
Male Narrator: Motives
are questioned.
Nick Mandernach: This other Brenton, he's not
even here for the right reasons.
Brendan Scannell: Oh yeah, I'm gay. I'm just
here to work on my app.
Brendan Scannell: It's called Puff, and it
connects desperate gay
Brendan Scannell: daddy's with Brits from
out of town.
Male Narrator: Matches
are made.
Nick Mandernach: Pffff.
Nick Mandernach: Never.
Never man.
Male Narrator: And despite her
best efforts, Micole catches feelings.
Brendan Scannell: Listen, I don't want to lead
you on, 'cause you know,
Brendan Scannell: I'm gay.
Keke Palmer: That doesn't effect how
I feel about you.
Keke Palmer: Brendon F. is the only one
I feel comfortable around.
Keke Palmer: I think I'm falling for you.
Brendan Scannell: (Whispering) I think you
should maybe see a therapist.
Male Narrator: Obviously sexuality
is a spectrum, but
every season of The Bachelorette
still needs a rose ceremony.
Anthony Gioe: Come on. So that's it?
I'm out?
Male Narrator: Get ready for
a season full of lukewarm
emotional investment, and
unmet expectations, as Micole
barely fulfills her contractual
obligation to the show.
Brendan Scannell: That's my butt.
Male Narrator: And later this season,
we even bring back fan favorite, JoJo.
JoJo Fletcher: I'm just looking for someone
to get close to, and
JoJo Fletcher: then slowly distance myself from
him as I prioritize my career.
Male Voice: I'm sorry.
Were you--
Were you on The Bachelor?
JoJo Fletcher: No.
Male Voice: Hey Rob?
Brendan Scannell: Brenton F.: Wouldn't it
be crazy if we just
Brendan Scannell: took our close off?
Yeah. That would be nice.