A music video tribute in support of Barack Obama. www.BarackObamasongs.com www.ngoziazaka.com

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Sensational new artist with a sensual approach to music, Ngozi Azaka has created his own style like no other with emotional and passionate deliveries. Azaka supports Barack Obama for the President of the United States of America, with a passion.
Ngozi Azaka was raised in Nigeria, West Africa, educated in the State of Maryland. Talented and skilled as an artist in music, acting, and filmmaking, his new exclusive work is this passionate music he created in Support of Barack Obama.
The Obama song from the “See My Name” album has its own world it draws you into with its melody and message sticking to a part of your brain for several hours and days. Ngozi Azaka has a unique voice that is original and natural, a gift that is rare. He not only sings, he also raps in his music.
Azaka has made two classic songs to support the Barack Obama campaign: one he sings, and one he raps; reaching a broad range of music lovers who he believes upon listening to his songs would find more reasons to support Barack Obama, as he believes in the change Barack Obama can make as the President of the United State of America. His message is simple: play these songs, spread them out, forward them, letting the word out to support Barack Obama.