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Full Credits

Starring - Lena Dunham as MC Pantsuit
Featuring - Cynthia Erivo & Charlamagne Tha God
Featuring - Ann-Slyvia Clark & Joana Matos
Featuring - Aaron Jackson, Matt Rogers & Charla Lauriston
Director/Choreographer - Celia Rowlson-Hall
Producer - Kate Lilly
Producer - Rob Hatch-Miller
Associate Producer - Liz Watson
Written by Lena Dunham
Editor - Matt Mayer
First Assistant Director - Shihan Fey
Assistant to the Director - Kelsey Grills
DP - Adam Newport-Berra
1st AC - Timothee Arene
2nd AC - Gregoire Albertini
Gaffer - Geoffrey Taylor
BB Electric - Lorenzo Pace
Key Grip - Alexander Prokos
BB Grip - Alex Rizzo
Production Designer - Charlotte Royer
Art PA - Olivia Lloyd
Wardrobe Stylist - Ann Bryant
Wardrobe Assistant - Zinnia Kim
Key Hair - Giselle Modeste
Key Make Up - Eugene Williams
Hair & Make Up Artist - Ashleigh Ciucci
Assistant Editor - Carina Jollie
Title Design - Teddy Blanks
Colorist - Alex Bickel, Color Collective
PA - Miranda Kahn
PA - Graham Fine
PA - Kady Ruth Ashcraft
DP - Tyler Ribble
Gaffer - Seth Dean
Key Grip - Brian Bonacci
Sound Mixer - Tarcisio Longobardi
Hair & Make Up Artist - Jose Rosello
PA - Shelby Slauer and Sonya Saepoff


- To brunch.
- To brunch.
[ indistinct chatter ]
Do you guys know Lena?
How do you know Lena?
She contacted my agent and
said she was looking for friends.
Yeah, I hope to write down
or record her saying something
controversial today,
and sell that to the media,
be a part of her undoing,
and monetarily gain from that.
Lena Dunham: [Lena] Hi, hi, hi.
I'm sorry about that.
My period's are insane.
Lena Dunham: It's so amazing to have my
closest friends here at brunch,
Lena Dunham: but as you know with me,
nothing is ever as it seems.
Lena Dunham: So this is not like
a simple brunch.
Lena Dunham: I have been so shaken
by this election.
Lena Dunham: It has unveiled
the darkest aspects of
American culture.
Lena Dunham: And the racist, homophobic,
ablest and xenophobic rhetoric
is making me ill.
Lena Dunham: So what do you think
I'm going to do with all
of this energy,
Lena Dunham: and all of this rage?
I mean,
do some writing.
Use television.
View a television show.
Lena Dunham: That's all a
little bit basic.
Lena Dunham: What I ultimately decided
on was that the medium
Lena Dunham: for me to express my
anger was rap'd, music.
- Noooo.
- Yes.
Lena, nooooo.
Lena Dunham,
[distorted] noooo.
[hip hop music]
♪ Hey-hey guys, it's MC Pantsuit
♪ My hobby is rap music
but my passion
♪ Defending the nation's
baddest grandmother
♪ I'm talking about
Hillary Rodham Clinton
♪ I get upset, when people
say that Hillary needs to smile
♪ She's a strong ass fuckin' person
Couldn't even walk a mile
♪ In the heels of this woman,
had to fight her whole life
♪ Defending everything
she does, to the left
and to the right
♪ She's been a lawyer,
first lady, a senator
plus a mom,
♪ Fights for justice
since the age of fifteen
(Man come on)
♪ And she did it
in a man's world
♪ Shatters glass ceilings
♪ Still all these little bitches
will assume she catching feelings
♪ Fuck that,
my girl's a rider
♪ Progressive
freedom fighter
♪ Going up
against a dude
♪ Who's a climate
change denier
♪ She worked harder
than her man did
♪ Still saw her grandkid
♪ And people have the nerve
to ask her what her plan is
♪ Her plan is to win
against hatred and slurs
♪ Break it down
in three words
♪ I'm. With. Her.
♪ I can't believe she's in
the race with this guy
♪ Let's get out and vote
or everybody might die
♪ If she said half the shit
that this dude had said
♪ Best believe her
entire career be dead
♪ But she's a woman
so gets treated unfair-a-ly
♪ Ain't nothin' new
mother fucker she's Hillary
♪ And now I'm gonna take off
my Pantsuit, to reveal a more
sensual pantsuit,
♪ Cause that's what you do
for the candidate you love
Not really sure I
understand the logic here.
The rap is trash and why are
you wearing Hillary's lingerie?
♪ You gotta show your whole body,
everything that you have for
the candidate you love
I'm not sure how appropriating
Hillary's culture is going to help
Hillary win though.
♪ Dance with me Cynthia,
♪ Take your pantsuit off
and show us your sensual
pantsuit, Cynthia
♪ No, I'm good
I wonder if I'm actually hurting
her chances of winning.
Don't forget to vote
November 8th.
My girl's a rider!