Join French Fried TV to see how Americans and other Expats try and survive in Paris, France.

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Frog Burger Entertainment
episode Noël à Paris or A Very Paris Christmas
Robert Hoehn
Directed by:
Alexander van Walsum
Director of photography:
Andrew Brooke
Johanna Dodier as Elena
Vitaly Kalashnikoff as the duck!
Jean Philippe Favre chez
Written by:
Vanessa Wright
Miranda Warner
French Fried title:
Jon Labes
Special thanks to:
Michele Marshall chez VOICES
And everyone who has helped me along the way. Oh, and the french of course.
Inspired by the hardcore French people: Shout out to LE VALMEY and Momo, the whole 612, 651, 952, and 617 area codes. KINOMEDIA, The Blunt Doctor, JSL, mClutch this, Gott'stobe Seth, big E, and Little e, WEED, OCB, A Welli, HUGO MINNESOTA, M Goldman GAM gallery in Paris. The WHOLE cite pilleux, JP Menard, Milo, Stephanie, Philou, Grandma,, Rice and Fish sushi paris, Rice and Beans, FM, , PLiddy, FLB, AD, MR, Samir Hanniche, Andy Gal, SGG, Pink Flamingo Pizza, Martin Bouvier, BU, Yoga BYP, ACB&FBM!! my accountant CB & my lawyer MOD! hello