You think you're crazy in love, but maybe you're just crazy. Feelin' crazy, that is.

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"The Crazy One" - Crescent Muhammad
Created/Written By - Peppur Chambers
Directed/Written By - Morenike Efuntade Evans
Edited By - Marc Gordon
Music by - Emmi Debeau
Produced By - P. Chambers, M. Evans, Yasmine Richard, Yemi Adegbonmire for BGRLA Productions

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Tip #5: Substitute Feeling "Crazy" as "Love"
 It’s tough not knowing what love actually is. Sure, you have an idea and you think you’ve been dangerously in love millions of times, but it has always been one-sided -- so you just aren’t certain. Love eludes you, stares you blank in the face…but you just want to know what love is. Well, at this point, who cares about really knowing what love is? Just go ahead and accept what you’re feeling – that crazy, confused, uncertain, questioning feeling-- as love!