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Full Credits

Directed by Osmany Rodriguez & Josh Martin
Starring Eva Mendes & Cee-Lo Green
The Sequinses Band: Jon Brion, Ben Reddell & David Neher
The Tear Drop Backup Singers: Natalie Hoy, Jennie Pierson & Tiffani Haddish
Producer: Dal Wolf
Production Manager: Jacob Geller
1st AD: Genghis Jorgensen
2nd AD: Matt Mazany
Producer Designer: Tony Swansey
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
1st AC: Scott Johnson
2nd AC: Ray Lee
Sound: BoTown Sound
DIT: Ben Moen
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart & Richard Kim
Key Grip: Jordan Downey
Best Boy Grip: Daniel Ainsworth
Best Boy Electric: Brian Lane
Grip: Andrew Crighton, Dan O'Brian & Pat O'Brian
Hair & Make Up: Shauna O'Toole
Hair Stylist: Timon Cana
Eva Mendes Hair & Make Up: Steeve Daviault
Wardrobe: Leslie Schilling
Projections Model: Annelise Dekker
PAs: Andrew Grissom, Samantha Chan, Jordan Martin, Mike Mcalister, John Ziskal, Andreas Hoelting
Special Thanks to Luis Sanchez, Adam McKay, Mike Farah, Mike Jasorka & Avenue Six Studios

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August 05, 2010


[Music Playing]
Eva Mendes: Oh, hello.
Eva Mendes: Oh, no, no, no. You come here.
Eva Mendes: Is your watch broke?
Eva Mendes: Sit down. My friend's been talkin'. Sayin' you don't love me. Say you all about hustlin'. And makin' that sweet money.
Eva Mendes: You fill your chalice with wine. You got a feather in your cap. You say I look so fine. And give my backside a pat. Ooo!
Eva Mendes: Your nickname for me is trick or girl number five. It makes me think that you don't know what it's like for a woman to feel alive.
Eva Mendes: So, when I ask what you are, you take a draw from your blunt cigar. And the tears well up in your eyes. I know that my friend's tellin' me lies. Cause pimps don't cry. They never shed a tear. Never gonna cry, never shed a tear.
Cee-Lo Green: Oh, lover.
Eva Mendes: Yes, lover?
Cee-Lo Green: Look at my eyes, baby.
Eva Mendes: I'm looking in your big browns.
Cee-Lo Green: Crying.
Eva Mendes: Oh, baby. Don't cry.
Cee-Lo Green: Have mercy. Now, my lovely queen.
Eva Mendes: Yes?
Cee-Lo Green: I'm so sorry that I raised my voice.
Eva Mendes: No worries.
Cee-Lo Green: But, see, love can turn a man so mean when his lady doesn't give him any choice. And, uh, yeah, I like to dress nice.
Eva Mendes: Oh, you do.
Cee-Lo Green: Platform shoes, rings, and a pharaoh's beard.
Eva Mendes: Mm-hmm.
Cee-Lo Green: And oh yeah, I flash my ice.
Eva Mendes: [Whispers] Ice.
Cee-Lo Green: Damn it woman, I am a man to be feared.
Eva Mendes: Oh, you scare me, baby.
Cee-Lo Green: But, when the sun goes down, and all that money is piled up on the dresser.
Eva Mendes: Mm. Do I know.
Cee-Lo Green: You see, a man works hard for his woman in town, and, uh, I don't wanna come home just to second guess her. Mm. So, you better not second guess me.
Eva Mendes: Never.
Cee-Lo Green: Cause one thing that me and you can both agree, that when you see these tears in my eyes, just know that all the rumors are lies. Cause pimps don't cry. Pimps don't cry. Pimps don't cry. No, they don't. They never shed a tear.
Eva Mendes & Background Singers: Never shed a tear.
Cee-Lo Green: Whoa! Pimps don't cry. They never shed a tear.
Eva Mendes: You're so sensitive.
Cee-Lo Green: Oh!
Background Singers: Never, never cry. Never shed a tear.
Cee-Lo Green: Ah! Oh. No, no.
:03:23.000 --: 0:03:30.000
Background Singers: Never, ever cry. Never shed a tear. Pimps don't cry.
Eva Mendes: You're like a black Doctor Phil.
Cee-Lo Green: I'm crying for you though, baby.
Eva Mendes: Oh, I see your tears, baby.
Cee-Lo Green: I, I love you now.
Eva Mendes: Is that Visine?
Cee-Lo Green: You don't gotta work part-time.
Eva Mendes: Why you got a eye dropper in your hand, baby?
Cee-Lo Green: [Laughs]