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Full Credits

Starring Taylor Lautner
Featuring Ray Liotta, Kevin Costner, Dennis Haysbert & Marielle Jaffe
Also Starring Ray Lewis, Tony Gonzalez, DeSean Jackson, Dwight Freeney, Shawne Merriman, Antonio Cromartie, Shaun Phillips, Steve Smith, Kirk Morrison, Rich Eisen, & Marshall Faulk
Directed & Edited by Eric Appel
Written by Alex Fernie, Ryan Perez, & Eric Appel
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by Christin Trogan & Anna Wenger
Coordinating Producers: Michelle Fox & Sean Boyle
Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger
Technocrane Operator: Bryan Fletchell
Original Music by James Renald & Victor Hernandez Stumpfhauser
Visual Effects Supervisor: Sam Winkler
First AD: Cassandra Laymon
2nd AD: Ian Blankenship
2nd 2nd AD: Greg Kindra & Matt Mazany
Assistant Production Coordinator: Liam White
Extras Coordinator: Sam Varela
First Assistant Camera: Mike Herrera
Second Assistant Camera: Jacqueline Stahl
DIT: Chris Hoyle
Gaffer: Cody Jacobs
Best Boy Electric: Oliver Alling
Best Boy Grip: Axel Llorens
Electrics: Terry Zumalt & Brandon Wilson
Grips: Patric Gomez, Shaun Sangkarat, & Jake Beemer
Sound: Bo Sundberg for BoTown Sound
Art Director: Flower Cole
Set Decorator: Laura Harper
Construction Coordinator: Lupe Sanchez
Leadman: Frank Camara
Art Swing: Scott Lynch & Victor Camarillo
Key Production Assistant: Matt McKinnon
Costume Designer: Janicza Bravo
Wardrobe for Mr. Lautner: Samantha McMillen
Wardrobe Assistants: Shelby Scudder, Meghan Anderson & Beckee Gardner
Key Makeup & Hair: Sara Irving
Makeup & Hair Assistant: Carla Farra
Groomer for Mr. Lautner: Jamie Taylor
Set Photographer: Tiffany Roohani
Behind the Scenes: Michael Burke & Dave Ferguson
Catering: Wendy Matthew & 1st to Roll Catering
Craft Services: Rise & Shine Catering
Set Medic: Michael Nerone
Production Assistants: Andrew Grissom, Jordan Martin, Gabe Worgaftik, Leigh Alan, Becca Proske, Dan Marcus, Michael Gabriel, Liz Lanteri
Featured Extras: Will McLaughlin, Dave Theune, Alex Fernie, Alex Berg, & Sam Zemuter
Special Thanks: Kevin Costner, Ashley Knight, Larry Armwood, Becky Sendrow, Thor Bradwell, Peter Kiernan, Liz Mahoney, Priscilla Moralez, JJ Harris, Trace Armstrong, Lindsey Waterhouse, Denise White, Nichole Clementi, Lindsey Diereling, Lauren Renschler, Ryan Tollner, Ryan Hayden, Justin Castillo, Mark Heligman, Raj Raghavan, Nick Bolton, Jared Rosenberg, Brandon Liebman, Fadde Mikhail, Tammy Brook, Reed Bergman, Michael Horvitz, O.N.E. Coconut Water (, The JMJ Ranch (, Brent Mullins, Chris Farah, Ty Jones, Joe Farrell


[soft music]
Steve Levy: Still no end
in sight
Steve Levy: for the NFL lockout
leaving many fans wondering
Steve Levy: if there will be a
football season this year.
Marielle Jaffe: Honey, do you
really think
Marielle Jaffe: there's not gonna be
football this year?
Taylor Lautner: I sure hope not.
Male Voice: (whispers) If you build it,
they will come.
Marielle Jaffe: If you build what who will come?
Taylor Lautner: The voices didn't say.
Male Voice: (whispers) Are you ready?
Taylor Lautner: Am I ready for what?
Male Voice: (whispers) Some football.
Marielle Jaffe: Honey, there's
a man on the field.
Taylor Lautner: Tony Gonzalez?
Tony Gonzalez: Is this Heaven?
Taylor Lautner: No, it's Iowa.
Tony Gonzalez: There are others you know?
Tony Gonzalez: A whole league.
Tony Gonzalez: They're looking for a place to play.
Taylor Lautner: Well, anytime.
Taylor Lautner: You know you're always welcome here.
Taylor Lautner: Ray Lewis?
Are you a ghost?
Ray Lewis: I just walked 2
miles through a corn field.
Ray Lewis: Let's play some football.
(cheering and applause)
(rock music)
Dwight Freeney: Wait, I thought we
were going
Dwight Freeney: to the Waffle House.
Antonio Cromartie: This corn is my house now.
Rich Eisen: Welcome back to this
Rich Eisen: make shift football field in Iowa
Rich Eisen: where 2 all star ghost teams
Rich Eisen: are going at it with
full action, Marshall.
Marshall Faulk: I'm not entirely sure
Marshall Faulk: if it's a regulation field.
Marshall Faulk: Since there's a tractor
Marshall Faulk: smack dab in the middle
of the red zone.
(guitar playing)
Taylor Lautner: Oh! What was that?
Ray Lewis: My bad man.
Ray Lewis: I thought you were somebody else.
Dwight Freeney: We out of orange soda.
Marielle Jaffe: How long are they gonna
Marielle Jaffe: be sleeping in our living room for?
Taylor Lautner: Until the lockout ends, I guess?
Desean Jackson: Hey, is it okay if I order
Desean Jackson: No Strings Attached on Pay-Per-View?
Ray Liotta: These players
are taking advantage
Ray Liotta: of your corn field.
Ray Liotta: You have to lock them out
Ray Liotta: until we reach an agreement.
Ray Liotta: This is bad for football.
Dennis Haysbert: The one constant
through all the years
Dennis Haysbert: has been football.
Dennis Haysbert: The steal, this game,
is a part of our past,
Dennis Haysbert: but the lockout is a complicated issue.
Dennis Haysbert: In a hefty trust litigation
Dennis Haysbert: the winning party receives triple damages.
Dennis Haysbert: A collective bargaining
agreement can only be reached
Dennis Haysbert: when the lower circuit
courts rule in favor of the-
Dennis Haysbert: Oh, come on. Wake up.
(rock music)
Shawne Merriman: Hey, what's up man?
Shawne Merriman: I let the dog out and he ran away.
Shawne Merriman: Is that cool?
Antonio Cromartie: If you want to
Antonio Cromartie: you can feel my bicep.
Marielle Jaffe: Wow.
Steve Smith: Now this is fantasy football.
Kirk Morrison: NFL has nothing on this.
Kirk Morrison: I'm never going back to the NFL.
Taylor Lautner: Hey, the lockout's over.
Taylor Lautner: Guys?
Taylor Lautner: Guys, where are you going?
Taylor Lautner: Hey, what am I supposed
to do with this field?
(rock music)
Taylor Lautner: Dad?
Kevin Costner: Hey, son.
Kevin Costner: Want to play catch?
Kevin Costner: That means you throw it back to me.