What if the Russians attacked the U.S.? What if Rob Schneider was our last hope? What if he was naked?

Full Credits

Starring: Rob Schneider, Mena Suvari, Vinnie Jones and Sonya Balmores
Directed By: Jake Szymanski
Written By: Chad Carter and Jake Szymanski
Produced by Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Shawn Booth
Assoc. Producer: Josh Simpson
Pretty good light bouncer: Brad Schulz
First A.D.: Grayhmn Jennings
Makeup: Liz Dahl
Wardrobe: Ara Laylo and Mia Yamaoka
Production Assistants: Madeline Rivers, Jason Boschock, Samanta Cappella, Ben Garcia.............
Nudist Freedom Fighters:
Scott Cowan
Cyrus Legg
Robert “Duke” Morgan
Rodney Oshiro
Herman Stern.....................
Kawena Chun
Jonathan Eveland
Jaq Ryan Galliano
Jacin Harter
Collette Hathaway
Keola Lai
Darieus Legg
Rob Masterson
Dawn Nash
Sherrie Robertson
Nam Truong
Anne Verga
Rory Yamamoto.........................
Russian Soldiers:
Sergey Russu
Jason Coleman
Mike Daze
John Herkanrath
Daniel James Kunkel
Nick Masciangelo
Ryan Miller
Gregory Price
Dore Rodine



> Exclusive.

> Hi, Angela.

> Rotate.

> Service.
Hi Tanya.
Hey, Tom.

> Whoa, whoa guys.
No clothes on the compound, no guns
Get in the truck!
Will you shut up and listen to the
activities captain.

> I'll tell you what we're gonna do.
We're gonna fight.

> What are you doing?

> We need pockets, man.

> They're trying to take away our ideals.
We're Americans.
We're nudists.
We're gonna do this our way.
Let's get some sunscreen.

> Nature men are ruining our plans!

> You will wear clothes!

> Never.

> I wanna love someone.
And I don't wanna have clothes on when it

> What is she doing?
They're gonna get her.

> Now I know where the naked men hide.
Kill them.

> You're gonna make it, Philippe.

> It's an honor to die with my head in
your junk, sir.

> No!

> To get some, you have to become them!

> Feel that?
That wind, tickling your balls.
That's freedom.
That's America.

> Not bad, for a bunch of naked guys.