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Full Credits

Neil: himself
Anne: herself
Isolde: herself
Denny: himself
Jon Mackey: director
Dashiell Driscoll: writer
Dan Bernstein: producer
Ben Sheehan: executive producer
Matt Sweeney: DP
Jamie Jones: camera operator
Mike Robertson: sound mixer
Special Thanks: Howie Caspe, Maureen Wynne, Ryan Schreiner, Cody Holland
With: Mumford & Sons, Ben Folds, Guster, Bleachers, Dawes, Houndmouth, Ron Funches, Rubblebucket.

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[Music Plays]
Yeah, I'm retired. My kids say...I say, I'm not going to Bonnaroo.
My kids said, "Oh yes you are." So here I am.
(Male Voice): Do you guys have a favorite artist?

> Not in this genre, I'll tell you that.

> But I like Kenny G.
(Male Voice): Do you expect to see somethings you've never seen before?

> I've already seen some stuff.
[Music Plays]

> [Inaudible] is going to be good. Odesza. The War on Drugs is probably
my favorite band that's playing here right now.

> You ever hear of any of those dear?

> What was the one? We're on drugs?

> The War on Drugs.
[Interposing Voices]

> They're not permanent.

> What's this called?

> This is called flash tattoo.

> Flesh tattoo.

> Flash.

> Why are you giving these away?

> 'Cause why not?

> Mine is a bracelet of course. All the girls are wearing them at the
park. So, they said I'm one of the girls.
I'm making a mess.

> Refreshing.

> I can't eat mine, I'm diabetic.

> I'm supposed to tell you a joke. I'm going to gender neutral so,
my buddy was downstairs doing the laundry, and he calls up, "Honey,
what setting do I use for the sweatshirt?"
"Dear what does it say on the sweatshirt?"
"Green Bay Packers."

> My favorite part of it was you go I want to be gender neutral.

> What are your thoughts on like rap music?

> First of all the lyrics. They're hard to understand, and when you
do understand them, you're not sure you like them.

> What would be your advice for us old folks at Bonnaroo?

> Drink a lot of water.

> Just carry a lot of water.

> Drink all the water.

> Here's to ya.
[Interposing Voices]

> Ok, you have to tell us, what is this all about?

> [Inaudible] Looks like everyone's listening to the same song.
So you have to turn the volume up, and just have a good time.
[Music Plays]
It was terrific, and really unusual.

> Now see, this is the way to go to Bonnaroo. Sit on the couch and watch it.
What is he doing?

> You're sleeping.

> Do you speak German?

> Well yes, I was born there.
[Speaks Foreign Language]

> What does that mean?

> I love you.

> And I do.

> You just going to hang here aren't you? Be honest.

> I hate this.

> Hello Kelsey, this is Winston, and Ted.

> Ben.
We're with your grandparents. This is Mumford and Sons.
They are way cheeky people. They are wasted.

> We just watched a band called Sza.
What did you think about them?

> I don't know who they was, but they blew my mind.

> And I grew up in Germany. We didn't have all this rock and roll
and crazy stuff.

> Thank you so much. Nice to meet you.
[Interposing Voices]

> So I guess they're going to have us get on this ferris wheel again.

> I'm not getting on a ferris wheel.

> Oh, I don't either.

> Bonnaroo.
Kendrick Lamar.

> I think I need a [Inaudible].
I can't hear.

> How many of you guys if this is your first time at Bonnaroo?
[Crowd Cheers]

> We met some people, and they've never been to a festival before,
and they seem really cool. So we wanted to bring them up, Anna, Denny,
and Isolde, and Neil.
Come on!
[Inaudible] They're pushing 80 years old at the festival.
[Music Plays]

> Did I do it?

> I think maybe it's recording.

> (Female Voice): Everyone else thought we were a tad nuts to
do this, because we aren't young.
Our children and grandchildren are so impressed, that we were able to do this.
(Male Voice): How do your grand kids feel about you being here?

> They think it's great. They're jealous. They say, "We're so jealous."
[Inaudible] I'm still alive.
I'm standing to tell right?
Oh, now I smell it.
(Male Voice): What does it smell like?

> I got a whiff. I guess that it is mary jane right?
I bet you I'm higher than a kite when I walk home tonight.