A Pharaoh from ancient Egypt has a lot in common with rappers.

Full Credits

Written by and Starring Peggy Sinnott
Featuring Amit Trivedi as Rufus
Music by Travis Tillery
Edited by Jeff Ackerstein
Additional Post-Production by Keith Saltojanes
Special Thanks to Gene Augusto and Nicole Day
Produced by Brute Squad

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September 26, 2013


I'm the Pharaoh, I'm the Queen
Everybody like my style
When its hot I go swimming
In the motherfucking Nile

I'm the Pharaoh, I'm the tits
You be digging my clothes
When I die they gonna pull my brain
Out through my nose

I got thirty Cats
And I got a wife
Bring em with me when I die
So I'll get pussy in the afterlife

They’ll bury me deep
In my sarcophagus grave
And when I die I'm bringing Rufus
My favorite slave

Direct Descendant from the gods
I love Astronomy
And you know nothing rhymes with Ptolemy
(But Sire?)

Pyramids, Pyramids
I love every brick
Each one a new opportunity
To rub with my dick

Chillin in the dessert
Sipping on some necta
When slaves try an fuck around
I hit em hard with my scepte

I run my own game
Don't do what I'm told
Withdrew my money from the markets
I invested in gold

Pharaohs don’t believe in rape,
Cuz it’s just the tip!
When my slaves are acting bad
I have to crack the whip

I’m a mighty ass woman,
A dude to be feared
If u look @ me wrong
I’ll fuck u up with my Beard

I fuck whoever I want
I'm the motherfucking Pharaoh!
I'll put my nuts in your mouth
I'm the motherfucking Pharaoh!
I'll put dick on your grandma
I'm the motherfucking Pharaoh!
I’ll Nut on your hieroglyph!
I’m the motherfucking Pharaoh!

Mesopotamia ain’t got nuthin’ on me!!!!