The all-new Brooklyn Nets are going back to an old-school game. And an old-school... more »

Full Credits

Starring- Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Shaun Livingston and Tyshawn Taylor
Featuring - Dan Black, Nate Dern, Brandon Scott Jones and Dan Klein
Written and Directed by Dan Klein and Jack Allison
Director of Photography - Seth Hagenstein
Gaffer/Camera Op- Patrick McDevitt
Wardrobe Stylist- Tammy Gibbens
Production Assistant- Kevin Huang
Producer - Sean Boyle
Special Thanks - Robert Smigel, Jaymee Messler, Sterling Fiss and Michaela Hammond


♪ [music plays] ♪
Deron Williams: It's the all
new Nets.
Paul Pierce: We're bringing back an
old school game.
Deron Williams: Tough defense.
Tyshawn Taylor: Dominant offense.
Shaun Livingston: And tiny little
short, shorts.
Deron Williams: I'm embarrassed
in these shorts.
Paul Pierce: They chafe like hell.
They're so short.
I hate these shorts.
Deron Williams: The old shorts are back,
and so are the shoes.
Shaun Livingston: They hurt my feet,
Shaun Livingston: bad.
Paul Pierce: They got no arch supports.
Tyshawn Taylor: It doesn't stop with
the shorts and shoes,
Tyshawn Taylor: we're bringing
back the hair too.
Paul Pierce: Afros.
Shaun Livingston: They made me
grow this thing.
Shaun Livingston: I hate it.
Paul Pierce: It's worse than
the shorts.
Paul Pierce: Actually, nothing's worse
than the shorts.
Deron Williams: I hope you can handle it,
because we're going back
Deron Williams: to the way the game is
meant to be played.
Tyshawn Taylor: That includes
the old rules.
Shaun Livingston: No 3 point shots.
Deron Williams: Because they weren't
invented yet.
No dunks, because no one
could to it yet.
Paul Pierce: Dunks are disrespectful.
Deron Williams: I'm not jumping in
these shorts anyway.
Tyshawn Taylor: And no dribbling.
Tyshawn Taylor: And we're going back to
the roots of the game,
Deron Williams: with teams of small, out
of shape, white guys.
♪ [music plays] ♪
Deron Williams: And while those guys are getting
their asses kicked in the NBA,
Deron Williams: we'll be playing
some dodgeball.
Tyshawn Taylor: We'll be playing
some dodgeball.
Paul Pierce: We'll be playing
some dodgeball.
Tyshawn Taylor: So we don't
get bored.
Deron Williams: The new Nets.
Deron Williams: Old school values.
Absolute garbage game.
Paul Pierce: We're going to
lose a lot.
Tyshawn Taylor: They way we were
meant to lose.
Deron Williams: Can you handle that?
♪ [music continues] ♪
Tyshawn Taylor: Man those shorts look even
worse on those white dudes.