Reginald VelJohnson stops by a office Christmas party and things go down, hard.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Director-John McKay
Writer-John McKay
Writer-Devin Das
DP-Adam Bial
Gaffer-Matt Sweeney
Ian-Ian Karmel
Lauren-Mary Holland
Devin-Devin Das
John-John McKay
Ahmed-Ahmed Bharoocha
Hans-Andy Peters
Ellis-Parker Seaman
Jenna Carley
Makayla Lynn
Katie Barriera
Amir Kabiri
Michael Rinere
David Rinere
Chris Shreeve
Matthew Flynn
Darin Milanesio
Alisa Karmel
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Published December 19, 2013

[music plays]
Look Warren, just because it happened in the copy room doesn't mean it never happened.
I wish it never happened--
I'll do anything for you Lauren.
Oh God, it's John again.
I thought he was banned from the Christmas party this year?
Are you kidding me?
Banning the one guy in the office with a mental problem from the Christmas Party? That's a law suit waiting to happen.
Well lets see how long it takes this year.
Not to shabby of a party, huh?
Let's just hope we don't get hijacked by
East German radicals--
There it is--
John, listen. For the last time, you're not John McClane.
Die Hard is just a movie--
Just a movie
You're ignorance is bliss.
John, you can't smoke in here.
Come out to the coast and have a few laughs--
The context of that quote doesn't even make sense right now.
[We Wish You a Merry Christmas jingle Plays]
[interposing voices]
Hey, it's our new VP, Hans.
[interposing voices - greeting Hans]
He's so cute
[chants of "Hans" from the crowd]
Hey John, I'm Ellis
John are you alright?
Hey John.
Oh, hey Reggie VelJohnson
Who's he talking to?
Who is Reggie?
Reggie, can I ask you something?
Were you scared?
Hell yeah, I was scared.
But as long as I got my family with me, that's all that matters.
Yeah I guess you're right.
Family matters.
Oh my God, I'm losing my mind.
Hey crazy man.
I just think, he's just crazy.
This shit is getting real.
It's about to go down hard John--
You gotta do something.
Yippee-ki-yay mother fucker
You gotta help them John.
You gotta help them.
There were four different sweaters--
You're right--
Let's keep talking, I got so much to say to you--
Oh, hey John.
I didn't know you were in here.
I go by Roy now.
Die Hard reference.
I love that movie.
For the last time,
it's not a movie.
Did you change the lights in here?
I've been working out--
Oh God--
No, no, just feel it--
No I will never touch you--
Sorry, Reggie made me do it
Time to save the day.
[interposing voices]
Ho, ho, ho--
I killed'em Reggie.
Welcome to the party pal.
What an idiot.
[We Wish You a Merry Christmas song Plays]