It's time Beyoncé! Just drop it already!

Full Credits

Director/ Writer/ Editor - Leann Bowen
Producer - Libby de Leon, Eleanor Winkler
DP - Mariscela Mendez
1st AC - Allison Hefner
Key Grip - Marissa Castrejon
Gaffer - Matt Garber
HMU - Gabby Grave
Wardrobe - Jordy Scheinberg
Wardrobe Assit - Sean Kelly, Amy Hirt
Sound - Chris Bennett via Botown sound
PA - Jack Forbes
Actors - Ashleigh Hairston, Anais Fair-weather, Katie Malia


Ashleigh Hairston: Beyoncé.
Katie Malia: Beyoncé.
Anais Fair-weather: Beyoncé.
Multiple Speakers: You need
to drop this album.
Ashleigh Hairston: Please.
Katie Malia: Drop the album already.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
Ashleigh Hairston: I have Google alerts set
up for the words
Ashleigh Hairston: Beyoncé,
Ashleigh Hairston: album,
Ashleigh Hairston: drop,
Ashleigh Hairston: and B.
Ashleigh Hairston: Do you know how often
the letter B is used?
Ashleigh Hairston: Barack Obama.
Ashleigh Hairston: Bernie Sanders.
Ashleigh Hairston: Bowie.
Ashleigh Hairston: Like, who cares?
Katie Malia: My friends are worried.
Katie Malia: They keep asking me why I have
so much hot sauce in my bag.
Katie Malia: Beyoncé,
Katie Malia: I have so much hot
sauce in my bag.
Ashleigh Hairston: I can't sleep.
Ashleigh Hairston: My roommate and I made
a pact to sleep in shifts,
Ashleigh Hairston: but to be honest,
Ashleigh Hairston: I can't trust her!
Ashleigh Hairston: She falls asleep through
action movies and shit.
Ashleigh Hairston: I haven't slept
in 3 weeks.
Anais Fair-weather: I haven't brought food for
myself, or my family since Formation.
Anais Fair-weather: All I brought is merch
awaiting this album.
Anais Fair-weather: I've got $14 dollars
left Beyoncé,
Anais Fair-weather: and that's for you.
[cell phone is vibrating]
Anais Fair-weather: Oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God...
Anais Fair-weather: It's just an
AMBER Alert.
Ashleigh Hairston: I made my boyfriend learn
the Formation choreography,
Ashleigh Hairston: and I forced him to do it
with me against his will.
Ashleigh Hairston: I think I'm committing some
sort of domestic assault.
Anais Fair-weather: Hey, real quick.
Could-ya, could-ya, could-ya...
Anais Fair-weather: could you just put this
in the thing for me?
Anais Fair-weather: My phone was
at 3%.
Anais Fair-weather: I was trying to get
to a charger,
Anais Fair-weather: and I severed
my spine.
Katie Malia: I subscribed
to Tidal.
Anais Fair-weather: Beyoncé, please, I beg you,
Anais Fair-weather: drop the album.
Male Voice: It's here.
Anais Fair-weather: What? What is?
Is it here?
Male Voice: Lunch
is here.
Male Voice: We can
break for lunch.
Anais Fair-weather: You better watch every goddamn
word out of your mouth!