After doing something charitable, Seth Rogen decides it's okay to become the worst... more »

Full Credits

Starring: Seth Rogen, Bryan Cranston, Max Greenfield & Dave Krumholtz
Additional Featuring - Vanessa Britting, Matt Bass, Anabella Casanova, Grace Skinner, Austin Rodriguez, Vincent Cash, Tad, Bryson Pintard, Carlos Estrada, Reece Miller & Evan Susser
Director / Actor / Writer - Van Robichaux
Writer - Andrew Jay Cohen
Exec Producer - Funny or Die
Producer - Christian Heuer
DP - Tom Banks
Camera Utility - Blair Neighbors
Production Management: Bryson Pintard, Matt Pittman
Gaffer: Eric Ulbrich
Production Designer: Flower Cole
Editor - Zach Anderson
Colorist - Trevor Durtschi
Sound Mixer - Matthew Schwartz
Art Director: Libby Wampler
Stylist: Michelle Thompson
Make Up: Kasey Vanwey
Sound Mixer: Reece Miller
Key PA: Stephanie Farmer
Assistant Production Coordinator: McKenna Franchik
PA: Alex King


(interposing voices)
Max Greenfield: Yeah, so it was a big
success. Yeah, we sold out.
Max Greenfield: We raised over $300 thousand
dollars for Alzheimer's research.
Male Voice: Really?
Male 1: Wow.
Male 2: Perfect.
Matthew Bass: I mean Bruno Mars singing
Celine Dion.
Dave Krumholtz: Bruno Mars was amazing.
Vanessa Britting: His performance gave me an orgasm.
Dave Krumholtz: Okay.
Vanessa: For real.
Seth: Nice.
Max Greenfield: Okay, I guess until
next time, yeah.
(interposing voices)
Seth Rogen: Bye.
Dave: Yeah.
Seth: Hey.
Dave Krumholtz: So.
Seth Rogen: We did it.
Dave Krumholtz: Feeling good about
Seth Rogen: I do feel good.
Yeah it was great, huh.
Dave Krumholtz: I'm proud of you man.
Seth Rogen: Thank you Dave.
Dave Krumholtz: I didn't know you were
the charitable type.
Seth Rogen: I'm not normally, so.
Dave Krumholtz: You really aren't.
Seth Rogen: No.
Dave Krumholtz: You can be a prick.
Seth Rogen: I can.
Dave Krumholtz: Sometimes.
Dave Krumholtz: Yeah, but now you don't
have to do anything good
Dave Krumholtz: for the whole rest of your life.
Seth Rogen: That's a good point.
Dave Krumholtz: I'm just kidding.
Seth Rogen: That's a good
point though.
Seth Rogen: Huh.
Seth Rogen: Want some?
Seth Rogen: Illegal award screeners,
$5 dollars.
Seth Rogen: Arbitrage. Richard Gere has never
been better.
Seth Rogen: Money. Give me the money!
Seth Rogen: Come on!
Seth Rogen: Thank you.
Seth Rogen: Good night.
Seth Rogen: Dave,
it's all mine.
Seth Rogen: Keep the change.
Bryan Cranston: Well, I gotta say Seth,
for the first time
Bryan Cranston: you did really well.
Seth Rogen: Thank you so much.
Bryan Cranston: He's done.
Seth Rogen: He's finished?
Bryan Cranston: Mmhmm.
(gun shot)
Seth Rogen: Here you go.
Seth Rogen: Yeah.
(gun shot)
(car alarm)
Seth Rogen: Yeah.
Seth Rogen: Okay.
(gun clicks)
(everyone yells)
Seth Rogen: He out already.
Him out too.
Seth Rogen: It's your now.
Alright man.
Seth Rogen: Do it now.
Leave me alone man.
Seth Rogen: On your head.
Come on. What is that?
Seth Rogen: Now!
(gun shot)
(they yell)
Seth Rogen: Why did I do this?
Seth Rogen: Hey, hey.
Seth Rogen: You guys are here.
Seth Rogen: So we're doing the event
again this year right?
Seth Rogen: Hilarity for Charity right?
Max: Yeah.
Matthew: Yeah.
Vanessa Britting: April 25th.
Seth Rogen: Great.
Seth Rogen: 'Cuz I'm in.
I could use it.
Seth Rogen: Dave, so good to see you.
Seth Rogen: Hey buddy...
Seth Rogen: No, no.
It's okay.
Seth Rogen: Good.