Please humans, give it a rest. This was uploaded 7 days before there was any report of a malfunction on the Gulf of Mexico BP rig.


A steady stream of pollution from offshore rigs causes a wide range
of health and reproductive problems for fish and other marine life.
Offshore drilling exposes wildlife to the threat of oil spills that
would devastate their populations.
Offshore drilling activities destroy kelp beds, reefs and coastal

Over its lifetime, a single oil rig can:

Dump more than 90,000 metric tons of drilling fluid and metal
cuttings into the ocean;
Drill between 50-100 wells, each dumping 25,000 pounds of toxic
metals, such as lead, chromium and mercury, and potent carcinogens like
toluene, benzene, and xylene into the ocean, and
Pollute the air as much as 7,000 cars driving 50 miles a day.