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DJ Intervention, Part One
Published February 25, 2010 26k views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written and Directed by Ali MacLean
Edited by Tim Donahue
DP Rob Davidean and Patrick Robbins
Wardrobe by Alycia Astudillo
Original Music by Seth Shellhouse
Howard Kremer as DJ Rich Kid
DJ Adam 12 as himslef
DJ Rhettmatic as himself
DJ Arabian Prince as himself
Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method as himself
Angela Trimbur as Natalie
Ali MacLean as the interventionist
Brad Hoss
Alycia Astudillo
Natalia Benson
Mike Turner
Dita Dimone
Special Thanks:
Rob Greene
Chris Manak
Alexandra Greenburg
Chemistry Productions
Stefan Goldby
Swinghouse Studios
Seth Shellhouse
Lord Philip Jaguiri
Karl Hirsch
Brad Hoss
Z Trip
Madame Royal
Alycia Blake
Katy Weber
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Published February 25, 2010
DJ Rich Kid has been using..and he needs to get some help.
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