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Zooey Deschanel's brother Jooey got his own iPhone 4S Siri ad. He's got a lot of questions for Siri!
Published May 08, 2012 350k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Scott Gairdner as Jooey Deshanel
Writer/Director: Scott Gairdner, Danny Jelinek
DP: Mike Manasewitsch
Make-up: Kat Bardot
Original Music Composed By: Gold Club
Producer: Sean Boyle
Field Producer: Andrew Grissom
5,014 Funny Votes
3,571 Die Votes
Published May 08, 2012


Scott Gairdner: Is that rain?

Siri: Yes, Jooey. It appears to be raining.

Scott Gairdner: Wow.


Scott Gairdner: Siri, make me some tomato soup.

Siri: I'm afraid that is not possible.

Scott Gairdner: Why not?

Siri: I don't have any arms or legs.

Scott Gairdner: I'll fix that.

Siri: Wait, what?

Scott Gairdner: Siri, what year is it?

Siri: Two-thousand twelve.

Scott Gairdner: No. In my heart.

Siri: Nineteen twenty-eight.

Scott Gairdner: Now you're cookin' with smarts. What's my sister doin' right now?

Siri: Teaching a rabbit to play the ukelele.

Scott Gairdner: Oh, fun. Color me jelers.

Siri: I don't understand.

Scott Gairdner: Siri, what's my favorite Beatle?

Siri: Ringo.

Scott Gairdner: What's my favorite Rango?

Siri: Rango.

Scott Gairdner: Two in a row! You get to wear the winner's coat.

Scott Gairdner: Siri, are you warm now?

Siri: Yes. I am overheating.

Scott Gairdner: Siri, do you like me even though I'm a dork?

Siri: Yes.

Scott Gairdner: You do?

Siri: I do.

Scott Gairdner: You do?

Siri: I do.

Scott Gairdner: You do?

Siri: I said I do!

Scott Gairdner: Siri, play that song I like.

Siri: The Derky Dorp Shuffle?

Scott Gairdner: That's the one.

Siri: I'd rather not.

Scott Gairdner: Please?

Siri: Please do not make me.

Scott Gairdner: Please do make you. Hit it!

[Music Playing]

Siri: I am not enjoying this.

Scott Gairdner: Siri, do you wanna take a soup bath?

Siri: Please God yes.

Scott Gairdner: Okay!

Scott Gairdner: Happy swim, Siri!

[Music Playing]


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