Stripping away civil liberties.

Full Credits

Written by: Cuban B Comedy
Starring: Josh Snyder as Dance Cop
Andy Harris as Good Cop
Danny Hamm as the suspect
Executive Produced and directed by: Matt Friedman


So just do yourself a favor and tell us when the next shipment is going down.

Look, I know my rights and I'm not saying anything until my lawyer gets here.

Big smart college boy thinks he knows his rights, but my new partner might think otherwise. So one last chance before I bring in the thunder from down under.

Is that music?

Quit trying to change the subject! Where is the next shipment going?

Up yours!

Hate telling people I told you so. Chief, bring em in!

We can do this all night. So why don't you just tell us where the next shipment is?

Look, I'm not telling you guys anything and I can take anything you can dish out.



Alright stop, stop.

I'm going to make you sing like a canary.

Oh God!

No, no, no, you can't do this! This is inhumane, you can't do this! He's an animal!

Oooh, God!


Bon Appéti!

It's tonight at midnight at pier seventeen!

I'm glad we got this tasty piece of man-candy on our side. Sweet moves, Dance Cop!