Passive-aggressive hypotheticals dominate one of our breast episodes yet.


Breastfeeding In Restaurants

Sure- breastfeeding is natural and great for the health "of the next generation" as you have stated. 

SO, since you enjoy nature and have great concern for the next generation, can I conceive next to you? Can my husband knock your green tea and hummas to the floor and take me sexually from behind on your table? I mean, we are trying to have kids and give life to the "next generation" and at times my hormones peak and those times are best to conceive and sometimes those times are not when we are in private....sooooo, may I be mounted in a natural way on your table please?? No big deal, every animal in nature conceives in these patterns and this position...the need hits and BOOM, there is some humping! 

WHAT?!?! What is your problem?? It is totally natural and will only serve to help the future!!!! There is nothing wrong with that, right? I mean...why would you not want my husbands genitals in your face as he fills me with the seeds of life?!?? Is all this making you feel uncomfortable?? Awww, get over it... 

IT IS NATURAL AND GOOD FOR THE FUTURE! So sorry if you don't want to see it in public...oh is natural...