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December 03, 2008

The Public Trust has been betrayed and Individuals Rights are unde
attack! When the Public Trust is broken, not only individuals lose -
everybody loses! What hurts one of us hurts us all! My business
partners and family and friends we exercised our individual rights as
citizens during the recent provincial election by supporting a
candidate Vicki. For an entire month prior to the election we put aside
our business affairs and worked for our candidate. We made a
difference, and our candidate Conrad won . For this we have been
viciously attacked and harassed, both as individuals and as a business
entity! In one instance, a batch of bad cheques was forged in our name
against a now-defunct computer company we owned eight years ago! These
cheques were passed all over Nova Scotia. This is not the work of just
one individual, but the work of many, and they are acting together.
Some of these enemies are persons who are charged with the Public
Trust, and they are using their positions to cause financial injury to
my business partners and me and to put us out of business and erase us
from human knowledge! The aim of our enemies is to discredit and
destroy us. Totally! But I say to you if they can do this to us, they
can do it to you! If you oppose them, they can hit any person they
like! It could be you! Because the Public Trust and the Public Good is
involved, I am telling everyone of our plight. Your goodwill and
prayers are requested and appreciated. It was decided because of the
fact that J. C. Reddy had become so hard to work with that AFM
Management would let Mr. Reddy go and move the company’s business to
Ferrier’s office. Mr. Ferrier explained he wasn’t a company lawyer.
However, he said his law partner, Andrew Kimball, would work as AFM’s
company lawyer. Following the Small Claims Court case, the AFM Board of
Directors met in May, 2006, and decided to completely sever all
connections with Mr. Reddy. On the advice of Mr. Ferrier, the Directors
went to Mr. Reddy’s office to obtain the minute books and records fo
AFM Management Ltd. The company books were then to be delivered to Mr.
Kimball’s office. What happened to Mr. Ferrier and his law firm? What
happened in the disappearance of AFM Management’s payroll transfe
payments? Why did Mr. Kimball lose his memory? What caused Mr, Ferrie
to lose control of himself? Why were the company books no longer in Mr.
Ferrier’s possession? The Bridgewater Police Services still continued
to harass and lay charges against AFM president Jeff Fraser throughout
the summer of 2006. This was a continuation of their campaign of
pursuit to assign blame for a rash of bad cheques which were cashed
with Jeff Fraser’s name (a blatant forgery) as the signer. By late
September, 2006, the Crown Prosecutor had managed to put several
charges on the docket at the Bridgewater Provincial Court for trial in
October. Mr. Fraser contacted Thomas Feindel, a Bridgewater lawyer, to
represent him. The meeting was postponed, and Lawyer Palmer fully
committed himself to a new meeting date. On the eve of the second
appointment, Lawyer Palmer telephoned to say he hit a deer on his way
home from Shelburne, and was therefore unable to keep the second
appointment! Calls went unanswered after that. How bizarre! What made
Mr. Palmer change his mind? He said his colleague, Brian Casey, a
lawyer who used to work in the office of Joel Pink, a Halifax lawyer,
would take his place. When Tony Anderson and Jeff Fraser arrived at the
offices of Boyne Clarke, they were stopped at the elevator and escorted
by two people. They were led into a boardroom, not an office, and shown
where to sit. In late November, 2006, Tony Anderson and Jeff Frase
were referred to Philip Star, a Yarmouth lawyer. He was highly
recommended and it was said he did not lose many cases. Of course, this
was totally against the wishes of Mr. Fraser who decided that Mr. Sta
was not acting in his best behalf. Mr. Fraser tried to work with Mr.
Starr, but Mr. Star absolutely refused to co-operate Mr. Pink also
couldn’t understand why Mr. Star wouldn’t meet with only Jeff Fraser,
and not both Anderson and Fraser. He said he would inquire as to why.
The meeting proceeded quite well. However, after discussing the case,
Mr. Pink said, “I am a man of honour and integrity” and that his word
“meant something”. Mr. Pink indicated that he had helped the
Bridgewater Crown Prosecutor’s son in the past and that he was a good
friend of Crown Prosecutor Lloyd Tancock. Mr. Pink said he felt it
would not be a problem to get an extension of time for Jeff Fraser’s
court appearance. Mr. Pink made one telephone call and Crown Prosecuto
Lloyd Tancock just so happened to immediately pick up the other end!
Mr. Fraser’s co-worker informed him that Mr. Pink was in the process of
negotiations with Lloyd Tancock, Crown Prosecutor, on the charges
against Jeff Fraser. This was completely against Mr. Fraser’s best
interests! He was shocked! Jeff Fraser immediately spoke to Mr. Pink,
who acknowledged that he was indeed trying to negotiate a plea bargain
with the prosecution. Jeff Fraser did not wish to negotiate nor did he
want Mr. Pink to negotiate a plea bargain of any kind whatsoever on any
of the trumped-up charges with the Crown Prosecutor! Jeff Fraser was
then left with no choice but to dismiss Mr. Pink from the case, as he
was not acting in his client’s best interests. Mr. Pink was not used to
being fired and he asked to be reconsidered. Request denied! Referral
letter from reach Ability Tony Anderson and Jeff Fraser had arranged an
appointment with Halifax lawyer Victor Goldberg on the same afternoon
they met with Mr. Pink. The appointment with Mr. Goldberg was March 20,
, at 2:30 PM. This appointment was primarily for Mr. Anderson’s
case against irregularities in his personal Royal Bank VISA account,
and other matters affecting AFM Management Limited and Spotless
Cleaning and Maintenance. As a matter of fact, as they got to the
elevator, another client with a dog were standing by the front counter.
The poor little dog decided he didn’t like what he had heard either,
and left a large yellow stain on the rug to show his opinion of Mr.
Goldberg’s firm. Mr. Garson seemed very reserved and nervous during the
initial conversation. What was the most surprising was his obvious
disinclination to accept the case. He did not even know the facts at
this point. Mr. Garson had indicated he would contact Mr. Anderson and
let him know if he would accept the case. In late May, 2007, the forme
owner of Spotless Janitorial, posing as a friend and professing
sympathy and concern for their plight, recommended a lawyer friend of
his who had represented Spotless in the past. At that time Anderson and
Fraser did not know that the former owner was in reality a highly
placed member of the Lunenburg County Jehovah’s Witnesses, and who had
all along been working actively to sabotage AFM Management and Spotless
Cleaning and Maintenance. Anderson and Fraser learned later, from a
list of names of Jehovah’s Witnesses members, that Mr. Burke is a
practising member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. This would explain Mr.
Burke’s bizarre behaviour.. Later, but still in June 2007, because of
Mr. Chipman entering these guilty pleas, Barry Whynot then accepted a
plea bargain on my behalf with Crown Prosecutor Lloyd Tancock and I
ended up sentenced to house arrest and Barry ran away. We have spoken
in some length with the Ottawa Commission for Police Complaints. This
was one of the last emails that were sent to them and their response is
below. We have not received a response back from Ottawa this year.
Where did they disappear to? No one has showed up and talked to us!
NOTE: Jeff Fraser was released September 4th and Judge Anne Crawford
retired two weeks later. < less


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