NES-infused comedic hip hop from Austin, TX prophesies the lavapocalypse (and... more »

Full Credits

Twitter: @ThrmalDetonataz
Directed by @MediaArtsTalent,
Concept by Thermal Detonataz: Steve Francis, aka MC Fuego Leche, aka MC Half-Blood Prince & John Orr, aka DJ Dizzee Domino, aka DJ President William Howard Taft (@TheLastDomino)
Song written by Thermal Detonataz
Produced by John Orr @ Baby's First Apartment (Austin, TX)
Mastered by Eric Day @ Sleepwalk Recording (Bloomington, IN)
The floor is hot lava!
The floor is hot lava!
Get off the floor 'cuz the floor is hot lava!
And if ya don't botha
To listen to us holla
You betta get ready to be drownin' in the lava!
(Verse 1)
We got a state of emergency! Declare it with urgency!
See, I was in the shower when the floor started burnin' me
I know it's illogical to make this thing topical
But all this bidness I did witness with my own opticals
It wasn't just the bathroom that was gettin' real hot
All the rest of my apartment started meltin' in spots
So I bounded 'cross the tables and the couches for the door
And looked back to see the lava poolin' on the floor
Don't know if it's a shiftin' of the planet tectonics
If the faultlines got to breakin' up and slammin' like Onyx
All I've thought is that I gotta put together the phonics
To warn everyone I can that they floors are demonic!
So if you in ya place just sippin' on a cup of java
Or drinkin' on chianti, eatin' liver with ya fava
Ya best go get abducted by a UFO in Marfa
'Cuz all ya floors are 'bout to turn into some hot lava!
(Verse 2)
See, I was in the club when this was all goin' on
When the lava swept the floor just like a stay-at-home mom
So we all stopped our dancin' and we stood in disbelief
'Til we witnessed the lava burnin' off a girl's weave
This ain't no optical illusion confusin' ya perception
When the lava comes, you best move in a upward direction
So I looked at the problem as glass-half-full
And decided to ignore the molten magma pool
We jumped on the tables and danced in defiance
Of this deadly lava curse prophesied by the Mayans
But when the atmosphere got to fitty-leb'm degrees
We came to the conclusion it was time to leave
So if you in Hawaii just munchin' on ya guava
And volcanic emission is gettin' hotter than ya mama
Then I suggest that you best get to de choppa
'Cuz in case you hadn't noticed, all the floors are hot lava!
You ain't safe in Bratislava
Or rainy Camp Grenada
Repercussions could be worse than Avada Kedavra
Commandeer you a Merkava
To save ya sons and daughters
Darth Vader's Luke's father, and even he fell in the lava!