An ode to the greatest sport ever... Featuring comedy groups Summer of Tears, Good Neighbor, and Invisible Engine
Published December 17, 2009 15k views More Info ยป
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Additional Credits:
DIrected by Jamieson Fry
Written by Todd Waldman and Rob Kerkovich
Lyrics by Todd Waldman, Rob Kerkovich, and Jon Lee
Produced by Todd Waldman, Rob Kerkovich, and Jamieson Fry
Production Assistant: Ashley "Chuckles" Deaton
Featuring: Beck Bennett, Nick Rutherford, Sean Bury, Chris Cantwell, Matt Wyatt, Nick Massouh, Rob Kerkovich, Kirstin Eggers, Sara Nixon Kirschner and Babar Peerzada
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Published: December 17, 2009