"UZAHOE" Ever wanted to go out and let loose and not worry about in 2... more »


:12.4 From the makers of FMLIFE paternity comes

:16.6 UZAHOE

:17.9 I don’t know if I should go out tonight. I mean last time we went out

:21.0 It was a total fiasco… Ah, I was like, There was this total hot dude.

:26.0 But I just know if I was going to get pregnant or not.

:28.0 So I didn’t want to go.

:29.2 Oh My God, I have this new product called UZAHOE.

:34.1 It is to tell you if you will get pregnant

:37.1 all you have to do is pee on it. Would you like one I have extras.

:43.0 Sure, But it seems hard to use. How do I do it?

:47.9 You take it out and pee on it.

:49.6 Do you ever experience the need to go out and party?

:52.5 But don’t want to pay a fortune teller to know if you’ll get pregnant.

:57.0 With UZAHOE you will be able to tell in seconds if you will get pregnant tonight.

:07.2 From the makers of FMYLIFE paternity comes UZAHOE

:12.9 UZAHOE available at

:14.7Local Bodegas and Drug stores. May cause anal leakage temporary memory loss and fungal

:20.4 infection of the vagina.