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Full Credits

Starring: Blake Griffin & Will Ferrell
Written by: Alex Fernie and Joel Church-Cooper
Directed by: Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by: Betsy Koch and Alex Richanbach
Director of Photography: Brian Lane
B Camera Operator: Zach Zbziebko
Edited by: Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez
Art Dept: Ellie Del Campo
Hair/ MU: Sara Irving
Wardrobe: Aubrey Binzer
Sound: BoTown Sound
PA's: Ross Buran
Cast and Extras: Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram, Danny Jelinek, Seth Morris, Ryan Perez, Chris Kelly, Scott Gairdner, Lauryn Kahn, Lauren Palmigiano, Joel Church-Cooper, Antonia Loverso, Juliet Seniff & Dave Ferguson


♫ (music) ♫
Voiceover: Basketball.
The perfect combination of man and ball.
But what is a basketball player
when he is locked out from the
very game that defines him?
One man. One website.
One un-paid internship.
Off the court, in the office.
This is 24/7, Blake Griffin, Intern.
♫ (music) ♫
Voiceover: It's the Monday morning meeting
with yet another dog.
Blake Griffin's career in conflict.
(everyone chattering)
Lead Man: Guys, let's settle up.
Bottom line we need clicks, guys.
We don't have enough clicks,
so I need to hear everybody's
ideas on boobs and kittens.
Excuse me, did I say something funny?
Comedy is serious business, man.
So, you need to get your head in the game.
All right, let's think of
words that rhyme with Dick.
Let's go.
Voiceover: As his first day continues,
the NBA's Rookie of the Year finds
being a Funny or Die rookie
a much greater challenge.
Assistant: So, this is a phone.
Blake: Yeah, man. I know how to work it.
Assistant: Okay, so you're gonna
pick up this piece right here
and then you're going to answer the phone.
See how I'm answering the phone?
Okay and you listen here
and you talk here. Okay?
Blake: Yeah.
Assistant: Okay.
(copy machine noise)
Man: Intern!
Blake: What's up?
Man: I always think of
the best comedy ideas
when I'm on the move, when I'm pacing.
Blake: So?
Okay. There we go. There we go.
Hey man, here's the 6 foot
Subway sub we ordered.
Man 2: Did you measure it
to make sure it's 6 feet?
Blake: No.
Man 2: Oh, come on, man.
Okay, checks out.
Blake: You know I thought Funny or Die,
like internship, it's gonna be like
a whole bunch of funny people,
like comedy stuff going on non-stop,
but so far they've just been dicks.
I made a pot of coffee and
one of the guys came in
and drank some, made this face
and poured it all over the
ground right in front of me
and then told me to clean it up.
Man 3: Clean up the mess you made.
♫ (sad music) ♫
Blake: But it's cool. It's a start.
You know you got to start somewhere.
All I know is I got a great sketch
and I hope I can pitch it to somebody.
Voiceover: As Griffin struggles
with the very basics of interning,
the decision comes down
from the higher ups
that he must focus on his fundamentals.
Director: Action, go!
Actor: Who ordered the fart sandwich?
Director: Cut! Hey stretch,
can we get that light steady please?
Blake: Yeah, aren't you supposed to use
a C stand for this?
Director: Go again, one more time.
Hold the fart sandwich higher
and get it all out quicker. Thank you.
All right. Let's go again.
Blake: Just hold on. Will
you hold this for me?
Director: Why would I hold it?
I'm thinking about the shots
and how the scene is gonna go.
You're gonna have to get
somebody else in here
to do it and maybe you
can go do something else.
Maybe you can scrub toilets or take things
out of the garbage.
Voiceover: Ostracized, alone.
Griffin begins to retreat into himself.
Blake: I hate it here, mom.
I don't think I'll ever be
able to shoot my sketch.
Mom: Don't give up, Blakey-Boo.
Remember when you were worried
that you couldn't dunk over a car.
Then what happened?
Blake: I did dunk over that car.
Voiceover: After a punishing
day of menial tasks,
Griffin is summoned to
deliver important documents
to the big Kahuna himself.
Will: Excuse me, Mr. Ferrell.
Blake: Hey, yes.
Blake: Hey, how you doing man?
Will: I'm good. I'm good.
Blake: Great to see you.
They told me to come by and drop this off.
They told me to bring that to you.
Will: Ha, ha, ha.
Blake: Yeah.
Will: Great.
Blake: Funny, yeah.
Will: Thank you.
Blake: Hey, while I've got you here, um.
Will: I'm in a little bit of a hurry.
Blake: I've been writing a script. Um.
Will: Please, I don't have time.
I can't look at that unless it's,
it's got to go through
the proper channels.
Blake: Let me just read
a few things in here.
Will: Nope.
Blake: Oh, can I just put
it in your house somewhere?
Will: No, I want you to
just keep it in your hand.
Blake: Hey, I just ...
thanks for the opportunity.
Will: Sure.
Blake: All right.
Actually, no. You know what?
My time at Funny or Die has
been really, really shitty.
I thought it was going to be
good, but it's been shitty.
You are kind of the ring leader of it all
so (bleep) you, Will Ferrell.
(bleep) you, all right?
♫ (music) ♫
Will: I like your style.
Blake: Thank you. I appreciate that.
Will: You got moxy, okay.
Blake: I appreciate that.
Will: I'd love to grab that script.
Blake: I just figured maybe you
could take a look at it.
Will: No, because I want to make this now.
Okay, because of what you showed me.
Voiceover: Success, when
everything is on the line.
That is the mark of a champion
and it's the mark Blake Griffin
exhibits in everything he does.
♫ (music) ♫