This is home video of my dogs and as usual, when I try to take video of them all I... more »

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Fritz the Schnauzer and introducing, Shotzie the Wonder dog!
Shotzie is a young girl in love with an older boy. She's staying at his place when they get to an argument and she moves out. She then stays with friends, but she is no mood to mess around. Shotzie is a real cute girl and everyone loves her but when she gets pissed she can be so mean. She will literally chew your ear off. Something is said and she blows up on all her friends and then goes to the local watering hole to drown her sorrows. The last scene is of her restlessly tossing in her bed as she tries to sleep.
starts out like a regular home video and the further it goes the more elaborate it gets until it becomes this dark tale of angst. I think it is funny as a spoof of puppy, MTV videos.
Trying to make a couple of bucks and prove that anyone can make better content than what some networks are cramming down..

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August 21, 2011