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One step can be considered two trips in baseball as Dodgers coach Don Mattingly found... more »
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Los Angles Dodgers coach Don Mattingly
was caught breaking a dumb baseball rule about multiple visits to the
mound in the same inning.  When after taking a step back towards the
dugout he turned around to deliver one last message.  Boom, second
visit.  Pitcher gets pulled.  Dodgers lose the game.
Baseball has a
bunch of these dumb rules that reflect no common sense.  Do you think
the next time I forced to go shopping with my fiancee, I could walk into
a store, take one step outside, and then walk back in and then complain
that we already visited the store...Good One.  Althought, I’ll give it a

University of Southern California has voluntarily returned Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy, in an effort to show remorse for the potential wrongdoings committed by the former Trojan great.  Yet, USC still holds on to OJ Simpson’s Heisman trophy.  Like taking money from an agent is so much worse than murder accusations.

The polls are officially closed on who was the hottest girl at the ESPYs...and the winner is...Erin Andrews!!

received tons of emails and comments from the our last episode about
the wimpiest things in sports, primarily discussing the fact that Floyd Mayweather is ducking Manny Pacquio

islandsavage - “Floyd Mayweather Jr.? is the wimpiest thing in sports! End of story!”

HawxTeamDelta - “floyd is? such a lady”

Steve2323ZX asked - “what's the name of your website again? I didn't catch it?”

You mean  The greatest sports website ever, no featuring all new gear on too!

And here are couple of things to check out while you are on the pine...

Is anyone else loving Michael Jordan and now Magic Johnson coming out and slamming Lebron James for going to Miami.  

This weekend Andre Dawson will be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, I just hope he rocks the old powder blue Montreal Expos jersey.

And that is my view from the pine...

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