Trying to find a good massage therapist can be a real nightmare.

Full Credits

Starring- Brian Huskey, Nick Swardson, John Farley, Sunny Mabrey, Mike Sica, Brian Hunt, Jason Rennebu and Saxon Anderson
Written by Nick Swardson
Directed by Nicholaus Goossen
Director of Photography - Matt Irwin
1st AC - Jefri Meintjtes
Gaffer -David Cronin
Key Grip - Dom D'Astice
Production Designer - Tricia Robertson
Wardrobe Stylist - Michelle Thompson
Make Up Artist - Amy Mills and Brenna Haukedahl
Sound Mixer - Shannon Deane for BoTown Sound
1st Assistant Director - Sean Decanay
Production Assistant - Michael McAlister
Unit Production Manager - Jacob Geller
Editor - Chris Poole
Producer - Sean Boyle


(triumphant music)
->Again, I am so sorry for the delay, but yourOh, that's okay.By the way, he really is the best.Sorry I'm late.No worries.Traffic was terrible.Yeah, I can imagine.Give me one second.Um.Any pressure level?Well, yeah, my lower back, here'sIs there a spider?No, you're dressed like a fucking clown, man.Oh. Oh.You gotta give people a head's upOkay, yeah, sorry about that.You came recommended, but not as a clown.Anyway, just breathe.Oh, yeah, yeah.Okay.Wait, wait, wait what is that?Oh, it's the sound of kids laughing.No, it's weird.Yeah, sure.Feels amazing.Alright.Oh, wow.Sorry I'm late.(screams) Oh, oh fucking!I'm sorry, this is my partner.Yeah.We worked the same kid's party.Okay, one clown is barely tolerable.I get it.Yeah, bingo.Okay, well, look, Mark, just breathe.Alright.No, no, stop it.Love that song.It's a good tune.Look, I don't want to be remindedWait, wait, wait, wait.Yeah.And you're getting tenser.On the house.Just give us 10 minutes, if youOkay, 10 minutes.We're not clowns right now.No.Just close your eyes.Not at all.You're not in a clown world at all.Nooo.Alright, don't do anything weird.No worries.That is not helping.We're not clowns.Okay, stop calling out, the clown thing, just stop it.Yeah, alright.I can't imagine what aWe can do that.What?Just relax! Just relax!No more clowns!Would you like your penis tiedOr leave it as a penis!