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Latest statistics published on Mortality rates in the UK for the first decade of the 21st century highlight some alarming dangers.

Figures show that death from falling off a ladder alone have contributed to more than 9 times more fatalities than all deaths caused

by terrorist activity during the last ten years.

Perhaps more terrifying is that the humble bathtub has claimed 6 times more deaths than that combined from the IRA and al-Queda seen by many as the leading contributors to death from terrorism in the UK.

Even "eating in bed" has claimed twice that number of people as murdered by terrorists in the 21st century.

Terrorism under the published statistics has now fallen to the same death rate per annum as Bee stings, Dog bites and Swimming pool fatalities.

The threat level for terrorism in the UK remains at Severe - meaning an attack is highly likely, in line with these latest statistics on UK death threats the government is likely to raise the threat level of death by bees, wasps or hornets to SEVERE along with dog walking and visits to the swimming pool.

As a further measure and to bring the perspective to public attention DIY, Bathing and Eating in bed will be raised to an alert level of CRITICAL meaning that the danger of death from these activities is imminent.

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