a webseries about what happens when neighbors collide, by Pam Murphy & Brian Berrebbi
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
a webseries about what happens when neighbors collide
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by Pam Murphy & Brian Berrebbi
Brian: http://www.ucbcomedy.com/talent/view/64/brian-berrebbi
Pam: http://www.ucbcomedy.com/talent/view/1124/pamela-murphy
directed by Geoff Garlock
cinematography by Paul Rondeau
Special Appearance by Doug Moe
Zed Cutsinger
Michael Martin
Lauren Sonnen
Polo Tate
with music by The Ramones, T’Pol, The Pixies, Supertramp, and Leonard Nimoy.
Special thanks the 1989 sci-fi time travel romance film “Millenium” starring Kris Krisofferson and Cheryl Ladd.
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Published January 23, 2012
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