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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring:  Don Johnson 
Also featuring:  Ryan Perez
Directed by:  Owen Burke
Written by:  Owen Burke 
Produced by:  Betsy Koch
Director of Photography:  Antonio Scarlata
Edited by:  Danny Jelinek
Production Designers:  Rachael Ferrara,  Alexi Gomez,  Martin Vallejo 
Sound:  BoTown Sound 
Makeup:  Shauna O'Toole 
Wardrobe:  Aubrey Binzer 
Camera Operator:  Ray Lee 
G&E:  Ricky Florsheim,  Marcus McDougald,  Andrew Crighton.  
DIT: Ray Lee 
Production Assistants:  Andrew Grissom, Samantha Chan
Our friends at The Rosenthal Estate, Neil McNally and Jim Galicia 
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