New video exposes more disturbing truths about what happens behind the walls of Planned Parenthood.

Full Credits

Starring - Alice Wetterlund, Amos Vernon, Fran Gillespie, Megan Amram, Nicole Byer and Verónica Osorio
Written by - Allan McLeod, Amos Vernon and Fran Gillespie
Director- Allan McLeod
Director of Photography - Matt Sweeney
Gaffer - Aaron Ulrich
Hair and Make Up Artist - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound Mixer - Christopher Bennett for BoTown Sound
Editor - Marty Cramer
Production Assistant - Ben Parks
Producer - Sean Boyle
Editor - Marty Cramer


Male Voiceover: Planned Parenthood is
supported by the state and
Male Voiceover: federal government. But
what kind of heinous activities are your
Male Voiceover: tax dollars funding?
Alice Wetterlund: I was pregnant when I first
went to Planned Parenthood, and they
Alice Wetterlund: led me down a narrow
hallway into a little room filled with
Alice Wetterlund: medical instruments, and they gave me
great advice for prenatal care.
Nicole Byer: It was weird when I first got there.
I almost felt welcomed.
Fran Gillespie: I couldn't believe when somebody
asked me to where
Fran Gillespie: a gown. They open up from the
back. My butt was out.
Megan Amram: What kind of a Dr.'s office
does that?
Verónica Osorio: They asked to take my blood
pressure. My blood pressure.
Alice Wetterlund: That's mine.
Megan Amram: Planned Parenthood is relentless in screening
for breast and cervical cancer.
Alice Wetterlund: They wanted to know everything about
my medical history.
Nicole Byer: They told me it was
optional to answer.
Megan Amram: But can you believe they had
the cajones to ask?
Verónica Osorio: I went to in inquire about
contraceptives, and...
Fran Gillespie: They didn't spare a single detail.
They made me feel comfortable
Fran Gillespie: asking anything, and I
mean anything.
Alice Wetterlund: They just answered
question after
Alice Wetterlund: question after question
that I had.
Nicole Byer: Planned parenthood overwhelmed me with
the ability to make my own choices.
Verónica Osorio: Me, a woman.
Nicole Byer: Without having to ask
my congressman.
Megan Amram: Was horrifying.
Fran Gillespie: After I asked who was paying
for abortion services,
Alice Wetterlund: I was appalled
Alice Wetterlund: to learn that it was
privately funded,
Fran Gillespie: and any government money
has been
Fran Gillespie: going to contraceptives, and
family planning. Unbelievable.
Alice Wetterlund: 97% of the services there
aren't even abortion.
Fran Gillespie: Birth control.
Verónica Osorio: Men's sexual health.
Nicole Byer: You name it, they probably accommodate.
They'll do anything.
Alice Wetterlund: It's freakin' pathetic,
that's what it is.
Verónica Osorio: You know what's sick?
Megan Amram: They assist in embryonic stem cell
research which is used to find
Megan Amram: potential cures for diseases
like cancer...
Fran Gillespie: Alzheimer's, and
other stuff.
Nicole Byer: Isn't that just disgusting?
Alice Wetterlund: They fondled my breast.
Alice Wetterlund: I mean it was a breast exam,
but you know...
Amos Vernon: I'll never forget when I went
to Planned Parenthood.
Amos Vernon: It was easy.
I got a physical.
Amos Vernon: Guys can go there too.
It's a great resource.
(Funny or Die ending jingle)