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After a viral pandemic struck the world a few years ago, scientists had to... more »
Published July 08, 2010 290k views Immortal More Info »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Directed & Written by Mikey Day, Andrew Friedman & Mike Naughton
Featuring: Mikey Day, Andrew Friedman, Mike Naughton, Eliot Schwartz, Sofia Gonzalez, Andrew Williams and Dawn Morrow
Cinematography: Kevin Stewart
Editing: Jeff Consiglio
Grips: Jordan Downey, Matt Mazany & Jordan Lee
Puppet Captain: Ted Michaels
Puppeteers: Candace Brown & Peggy Etra
Extras: Meghan Falcone, Jason Sheridan, Jake Regal, Lucas Yancey and Ashley Adler
Producer: Josh Simpson
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
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Published: July 08, 2010