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Full Credits

Shane August - lyrics, vocals, mix, edit, etc.
Total time to complete: Two hours


"With or Without You" (originally by U2)
Literal Lyrics by Shane August

Watch me turn into a tree
Indigestion is killing me
And I'm in a bad mood

Looking down...hold in a fart
That guy's dancing like a tool

Why am I so cool?
Our drummer's in grade school.

Cheap effects...crossfade the shore
Next video, we'll spend a little more
Here's a grip with a flashlight

The Edge thinks his hat's neat
He's moving like he has two left feet
What's he doing?!?!?

Just cut back to me brooding

Think my knee is giving out
Or there's something in my boot
I'll pretend that I'm lame
Swing my left arm back and forth

Flamenco pose
Forget the words...avoid the camera
Then make it look intentional and cool

The label wants a cut away
of a semi-naked babe
The tool is bored...blurred guitars
Move some lights across the band

Normal the frame rate
Brood like my leg's still in pain
Shine the spot in my eyes
Then show the blond girl

Rock like a nerd
Don't play my guitar
Show the band for just a second

Do the Watusi
Now, dance like a Greek fisherman
But I'm Irish...
Lift arms then show Edge
('Cause he's important)

(Blur the bass and drummer)
(Pointless cut to blond girl)

I'll keep swinging my guitar
'Cause I don't need it, anyway
Here's a boob...one more boob...
Think I'm getting dizzy now...

Better stop swinging...
I think this video's dumb
I'm going home...
With or without you