Morris, Gelman, and Huskey catch each other stalking.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written by Seth Morris. Starring Seth Morris, Brett Gelman, and Brian Huskey. Directed by Brad Schulz.
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Published November 18, 2008

[Music Playing]

Seth Morris: [Whispering] I need to be with you. Oh. You're so beautiful.

Seth Morris: Oh my god.

Brett Gelman: Oh.

Seth Morris: Holy sh**.

Brett Gelman: Oh my God.

Seth Morris: Okay. What the fu**?!

Brett Gelman: Who's there?!

Seth Morris: What do you think you're doing in here fu**in' pervert?

Brett Gelman: Me?! What are you doing here you freak?

Seth Morris: I'm...

Brett Gelman: You're stalking that girl. That's what you're doing.

Seth Morris: Sarah? No, I'm not.

Brett Gelman: You know her name?

Seth Morris: Yeah, uh, Sarah Tobin. I went on a date with her.

Brett Gelman: That's fu**in' awesome.

Seth Morris: [Laughs]

Brett Gelman: All I've ever done is watch her at the place where she works.

Seth Morris: Oh, you go to Perkin' For A Livin'? I've never seen you there.

Brett Gelman: I don't actually go in. I just watch her from the park across the street.

Seth Morris: Mhm.

Brett Gelman: She doesn't have a restraining order against you?

Seth Morris: No, no. Why? Has she got a restraining order against you?

Brett Gelman: Ah, nothing official yet, but, uh, I got a court date on the fifteenth.

Seth Morris: At least you get to see her in a dress.

Brett Gelman: That's true.

Brian Huskey: I've seen her in a dress!

[Seth and Brett Scream]

Brian Huskey: And I've got a restraining order. Sorry to scare you guys. My name's Leonard, it's nice to meet you.

Brett Gelman: Did you say you have a restraining order?

Brian Huskey: Yeah, yeah. Two years, a hundred yards.

Seth Morris: Oh. Wow.

Brian Huskey: Uh, this is just me, but until the authorities get involved, it's not true love.

Seth Morris: You know, I love her enough to break into her house and steal this hair from her hairbrush.

Brett Gelman: Quiet!

Seth Morris: What?

Brett Gelman: Who the fu** is that?

Brian Huskey: Is that why she's been so happy lately?

Seth Morris: Quiet! They're making out!

[Zipper Unzips]

Brett Gelman: Are you jerking off you fu**in' pervert?

Seth Morris: Knock it off! She's an angel!

[Spitting Sound] [Zipper Unzips]

Brian Huskey: Dude. Look who's talkin'

Brett Gelman: Wait for me.

[Zipper Unzips]

Brett Gelman: You guys disgust me.

Seth Morris: You be quiet. You're a pig.

Brian Huskey: You fu**in' monsters!


Seth, Brett, and Brian: Oh! Ah! Oh yeah. [groans]

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