Adele is finally releasing a new album after nearly five years since '21.'

Full Credits

Writer/Director: Alex Richanbach
DP: Matt Sweeney
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Sound: Gopal Bidari
Editor: Marty Cramer
HMU: Emily Rae
Co-ordinator: Andrew Grissom


Thank you for having me over.
The wine is great.
Adele has a new album
coming out.
- When?
- In November.
God yes.
I think about this like almost every day.
I mean, how long has it been
since 21 came out?
It's been 4 and a half years.
That's almost 5 years.
I want it to like hurt when
listen to this album.
Do you know what I mean?
Think about this, okay,
there are girls, and boys,
that have gone through their
entire college experience
without a new Adele album.
- Mind blown.
- Yeah.
I mean there was (inaudible) album.
- Which was great.
- Which was great, of course.
Uh, but not Adele.
No, it's not Adele.
And Sam Smith.
I mean I love Sam Smith.
- Love Sam Smith.
- Love.
I am in love with Sam Smith.
But, he's not Adele.
Not Adele.
I don't want Adele's boyfriend
to like break up with her,
or for her to be sad, or
unhappy, or anything like,
I would never wish that upon
her, because that's like--
That'll be disgusting.
That'll be like gross.
You are a gross human being.
Like, what are you fucking thinking.
But what if when she was
writing this album she
and her boyfriend, had some sort of like
huge drama right, that like
broken up her for a while, right,
like eventually
they'll get back together.
Do you see what I'm saying?
But like, for the time that
they're apart she makes
this like incredible multi-platinum
selling album
that like gives humans
something to like live for, right.
Something so that like, when they're
driving in their car,
they're singing along to
what she's saying, and like
we feel better about our lives.
Like I honestly feel like
all the pain and suffering
that Adele would go through is
like worth it for us.
I've been feeling all of
these feelings the last
few years, like the last 4 and half
years, and like
I don't know how to express it
until Adele tells me how.
How could you?
I feel like I just need
Adele's soul, and my soul
to like touch again.
Do you know what I mean?
Do I know what you mean?
Put your wine down.
It's almost just like, but
just a little, just a little
where it's like...
And here, don't even touch me--
- Right.
- And then...
But the warmth.
You can feel the warmth, and
then it's like...
It's a (inaudible).
It's an essence.
But then all of a sudden
it's like...
Both: Whoa.
(Funny or Die ending jingle plays)